1967 DODGE CHARGER FASTBACK – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 640 – Malibu Vlogger Fireball and Kathie head to the Murphy Auto Museum to pick up a 1967 Dodge Charger Fastback, but hit a secret beach first! Flashback Vlog!

About the DODGE CHARGER from WIKI… The #DodgeCharger (B-body) is a mid-size automobile that was produced by #Dodge from 1966 to 1978, and was based on the #Chrysler B platform.

The fastback Dodge Charger was introduced in mid-season of the 1966 model year “in retaliation to the AMC Marlin, Ford Mustang, and Plymouth Barracuda”, but even though based on the existing Coronet, “it was style-wise a complete departure from the Dodge’s mainstream cars.”

The 1965 Rambler Marlin, along with the Dodge Charger that arrived during the 1966 model year, were “the two cars set the standard for radical #fastback design in American mid-size automobiles.”

According to Richard M. Langworth, “because it was an intermediate like the Rambler Marlin, the Charger could have been an aesthetic disaster, but long side windows prevented its sweeping roof from looking too heavy.”

Lynn Townsend was at odds with the Dodge Dealers and wanted to do something to please them. So in 1965 he asked me to come to his office – for the second time. He noted that one of the Dodge Dealer Council requests was for a #Barracuda type vehicle.

The overall dealer product recommendation theme was the same – we want what Plymouth has. The specific request for a Mustang type vehicle was not as controversial to Lynn.

His direction to me was to give them a specialty car but he said ‘for God’s sake don’t make it a derivative of the Barracuda’: i.e. don’t make it a Barracuda competitor. So the 1966 Charger was born.

The 1967 Dodge Charger received minor changes. Outside, new fender-mounted turn signals were introduced and this would serve as the main external identifier between a 1966 and 1967 Dodge Charger. A vinyl roof became available.

Sales of the 1967 Dodge Charger dropped to half of the previous introductory half-year with a total of 15,788 units.

According to automotive historian Patrick Foster, both the AMC Marlin and the very similar looking first generation Dodge Charger “flopped on the market as sporty car buyers were showing their preference for compact pony cars.”

Today’s CAR STORIES Ep23 is a Beer Power’d ’73 Pontiac Firebird!!


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FIREBALL ART… Son of the Mask Original Concepts #TheMask #JimCarrey #Hummer #MuscleCar #ConceptCar #RoadRunner #Holden


I did these concepts back in the day for the sequel to “THE MASK” with Jim Carrey. As we say in the business, “The movie may suck, but the cars are always cool.”

The finished Mask Muscle Car is now at WB.


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Fireball’s Design Review 2012 DODGE CHARGER SRT8!

Typically, Muscle Cars are pretty self-explanatory. Which is why when Dodge asked me to take a look at the 2012 SRT8 Charger, I expected all the things that come with a Muscle car. You know… power, handling, doodads.

But since I do design reviews, horsepower is always expected along with all those other things. What I didn’t expect was how it was handled.

Everything in the Charger is beefed up. Not just the motor and overall design, but the small things are handled in a beefy way. Everything just seems to be slightly oversized. From the door handles to the steering wheel… Beefy, as in a Dad you bear hugged but could never quite get your hands around as a kid. The big brother you wrestled with but never got hurt doing. The Uncle who protected you that one time from the bully trying to take your ice cream. Just the stare was awesome…

The Charger is that sweet big guy who’s all love, but could pound thunder if he wanted to. Imagine Michael Clarke Duncan as a car. He’d take you to the Zoo, the office, up the coast to buy you fish n’ chips, smiling, girthy and always ready. But has the confidence to not have to push it…

Don’t we all want that? The seats are big and burly, yet not cartoony or tight. They’re comfortable and safe and will get you to Vegas fully rested and ready. The IP (Dash) if full of buttons and swing-digglies that do all the things you need, but are well placed, easy and again… beefy. I liked this thing.

People get out of the way, not because you’re obnoxious, but because there’s an aura about it that says “My job in the war was to protect.” And you can feel it. It’s a tank that’s got a jovial quality,  promising to pull off every task.

Gas mileage is not so good, but as I said, he’s a big guy and big guys eat a lot. 14/23. But if you feel like that’s your thing, then the 2012 Charger is the man for you.

This model tested is about $50K, but once again, it protects and serves as the cops put it. It’s why they’re choosing this beast to get the job done. And I for one am glad.

I wasn’t too keen on the Charger becoming a 4-door, but after a week tooling this puppy, the lounge feel makes you comfortable, safe and if you really need it, fast. Really fast…

The SRT8 is the big brother you’d want. Just don’t piss him off.

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ALL NEW SHOW! “Ride Along” with Fireball Tim in the FORD GT

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Cheers to the little guy…

It’s not that I love small cars. It’s not that I like the fact that small cars dart and weave like go-karts. It’s not that I don’t have to carry a lot of crap. It’s that small cars are always considered the underdog.

I grew up as an underdog. Freckles. Glasses. Target on my chest. Getting picked on and cornered was a daily grind. Something about being different was what scared people. THEY wanted to be different too, but somehow, they were just them. The fact was, we were ALL different. Some accepted what they were earlier than others, some never got it. But, if you were different, you got hassled. So, … I took karate.

It made me feel better. Stronger. More confident. And trust me, with MY face, I needed all the help I could get. But being small stayed with me. To this day. I’m, say, 5’9″ or so. Medium frame. Freckles, glasses, modified target saying “Take your best shot and see what happens.” Not that I’m a badass or anything, in fact, I’m just the opposite. I learned to fight so I wouldn’t have to.

Small. It’s cool. But, seeing as how much I love cars… ANY cars, being small and powerful is a state of mind. Packs a large punch. Like a Habanero. A WaterBug in your pool.. ouch! A rubberband snapped to the inside of your armpit. Or,… a 500hp MINI. Or ANY small car for that matter.

Being small is where large things come from. Appreciate it. Even an Oak Tree was a seed.

Revel in your smallness. Even if you’re tall, YOUR seed was tiny, too.

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