Epic Radio Podcast WRENCH NATION will be LIVE from Sunday March 7th St Paddy’s MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy!!

So excited to have Frank Leutz and Susie Sockets LIVE from The Murphy Auto Museum via their fantastic Radio Show WRENCH NATION! Will you be there?? FREE COFFEE, DONUTS & DIECAST!!

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Yes… it’s the MUSCLES & MOJO AUTOMOTIVE PICADVENTURE!!! Let’s do this…

An amazing show yesterday at The Murphy Auto Museum! MUSCLES & MOJO’s best show yet with awesome Muscle, Trucks, Hot Rods, Classics and MORE. Bu the people are what are what this show is all about. Let’s take the TOUR!

Sunday, FEBRUARY 7TH is MUSCLES & MOJO at The Official Murphy Auto Museum!!!


COOL MASK CONTEST! Winner gets Coloring Books, Chocolate and DIECAST!!! (The Museum is Officially CLOSED, but open latrines!!) Best of Show get OOOz and AAAhhhzzz!

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An epic turnout of vehicular awesomeness for MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy!!!

Fun turnout despite COVID, but great to see all our good friends like Johnny Martinez, Maureen Magnuson and newcomer Cleo Shelby. Some great metal!

What’s coming to MUSCLES & MOJO on Sunday, December 6th?

COOL CARS!! It’s always an amazing turnout for MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy and the cars are cool. But I will have the all-new GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book as well and some HOT, HOT, HOT Christmas Stuff from Kathie’s Store! Gonna be awesome show!

MUSCLES & MOJO Event hits with enthusiasm and a sense of hope for Cool Car Culture…

Today being ELECTION DAY, the country is saddled with uncertainty. But in these times, it’s important to do what you can to add hope, certainty… and fun!

Sunday’s MUSCLES 7 MOJO at The Murphy Auto Museum was just that. People enjoyed their cars and stories and got a chance to hang out and be present. Where can you do the same?

M&M happens every FIRST SUNDAY of the Month at the Murphy…

**Big thanks to Valarie Vasquez and Bradley Paull for some of these shots.

THIS SUNDAY!! It’s time for Custom Cars, Piping Coffee, Cute Dogs, Hot Wheels and more at MUSCLES & MOJO…

If it’s CUSTOM CARS you want… they you’ll be getting them this Sunday at THE MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM for “Muscles & Mojo.” JOIN US!!!

Next Epic MUSCLES & MOJO Cars & Coffee GetToGether is Sunday October 4th at The Murphy…

Get all the details here!!

Bradley Paull photos from MUSCLE AND MOJO reveal beautiful sculpture…

Good times at Muscles and Mojo in Oxnard at the MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM. BIG THANKS to Bradley Paull for the shots!!

Watch today’s Vlog! MUSCLES AND MOJO Best of Show – Fireball Malibu Vlog 994

MUSCLES AND MOJO Best of Show – Fireball Malibu Vlog 994 – In today’s Vlog, Team Fireball gets ready for their monthly MUSCLES AND MOJO at the Murphy Auto Museum. Incredible cars with a ratty Best of Show. Plus, intro Kathie’s new Fireball MASKS!