Today’s Featured Coloring Book… MUSTANGS!

Got a Pony Car? Well then, our Fireball MUSTANG Coloring Book is for you… or or niece, nephew, grand kids or kid down the street! Get them on board the Love of the Stang!

Available on Amazon.

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Today… it’s MUSTANGS!

If you’re unaware, ALL Fireball Coloring Books benefit Ocean Conservancy (4Ocean) and Dog Rescue (Hope For Paws)! 10% or every book (excluding our MALIBU BOOK which is 100%!) is dedicated to Environmental and Animal Safety.

NO ONE does this in the Coloring Book realm, so join us! SUBSCRIBE to the Vlog Show, Art Talk on FB Live, our Museum… or just start Coloring something Cool!

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Is the Gone in 60 Seconds ’67 MUSTANG the King of all Movie Cars?

What do you think? If not this film car… then which one exemplifies the KING OF MOVIE CARS? LEAVE A COMMENT!

This piece from our MUSTANG Coloring Book on Amazon. Grab a copy!


Straight up, the ’65 Mustang Fastback is one of my favorite cars. Badass in so many ways. Sure, I did this sketch for our MUSTANG Coloring Book, but I wanted to do it in a way that showed it’s speed and grace… without it moving.

Whatta you think? LEAVE A COMMENT! Oh, but there’s more coming this year folks from the Fireball Factory. Vdubs, Camaros, Movie Cars… in fact, the next 5 years will tilt the world on it’s axis of coolness.

Let the games begin…

Should they do another CHARLIE’S ANGELS Movie?

We’d call it CHUCK’S ANGELS. New Mustang, old skool Paint. I’m likin’ this… What do YOU guys think? Leave a Comment…

This sketch from our MUSTANG COLORING BOOK…

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Fireball MUSTANG Coloring Book sells out at THE PETERSEN MUSEUM!!

Like LIGHTNING, Fireball’s MUSTANG Coloring Book had virtually immediately sold out at the Petersen Museum Store. Have you gotten your copy yet? DO IT!

Today’s Featured Coloring Book… MUSTANGS!!

With 20 amazing MUSTANG Illustrations to color, this book features virtually ever model year, plus a maze and some WILD ones! Get it on Amazon NOW! $6.99

Fireball preps all-new BADASS MUSTANG COLORING BOOK…

Fireball’s latest Coloring Book is actually TWO BOOKS!

Next month will launch MUSTANGS which will feature 20 uniquely inspired Custom Stangs for MEGA-Coloring and a niche-friendly MALIBU Coloring Book for the local scene. Exclusively sold here in the Bu at Local Shops.

But don’t worry as you can get both on Amazon, too. Enjoy the preview, but the coming weeks will feature LOTS MORE!

Get Fireball’s other Books here!

SNEEK PEEK! Fireball Mustangs Coloring Book will be scary Hot!

Sometime in May, Fireball’s got 2 more awesome Custom Coloring Books coming out! MUSTANGS and MALIBU. Here’s a sneek-peek of what this Book will have, below being a blown out ’64… CODENAMED: SCARFACE.

If you’re a lover of the Ford Mustang, then you gotta snag one of these Hollywood -Inspired books when they come out. Stay posted here to Best Car Blog on the Planet for more updates and be sure to check out his other books on Amazon here…