YETI discovered… turns out he’s a MUSTANG Fan…

There we were… minding our own business in the woods, when we came across a YETI FOOTPRINT! Only, it was right next to a MONSTER TRUCK Tire Tread print!

We followed and after three hours of trekking, I manage to snag this B&W Photo of the actual YETI pulling up to his cave. Turns out he’s a Car Guy and loves Mustangs.

We hung out a bit, ate some tree berries and he made us some chicory root brew. Strong stuff.

He mentioned that he might hit WHEELS AND WAVES next time. We’ll see.

For now, just grab our Mustang Coloring Book and get your Color On…

Mustang MONSTER TRUCK cruuuushessss it…..

If you ever had a CRUSH on a car… this would be it. It’s a CLASSIC, it’s a MUSCLE CAR… it’s a MONSTER TRUCK?

Well, here at Fireball Publishing, we do the “World’s Best Automotive Coloring Books” and PORSCHES are next. So anything is possible…

Available online, at The Petersen Automotive Museum, National Corvette Museum and more.