Auto Dissection #003 FERRARI CALIFORNIA!


Nice. So, the response to last week’s AD was excellent. But, before we get to this week’s Dissection, the WINNING NAME goes to Stephanie Holden’s “INDIAN SUMMER.” Although MINIbee’s “Aztec Fire” was an excellent name as well. Congrats, Stephanie! You’ll be contacted for you prize!

Everyone’s entry was great, but a name has to really evoke an emotion which is why car companies spend a great deal of time and money doing it. And some, even after all that, come out lame. So take your time and THINK.


ONWARD! This week’s contest goes like this for the above prize. (2) 1/43rd scale gems found in Geneva. A Mini Cabriolet and a Smart4Four. Question…?

If you had your own EXOTIC CAR COMPANY, 1) What would it be called. 2) Where would it be located? 3) What one word would evoke your design philosophy? Rememeber, don’t just haul off and answer this one. Be CREATIVE!



I will keep this week’s AD short, as I’m still dealing with a broken hand. (Had a fight with a fridge and lost!)

This elegante piece of machinery is one of the most controversial Ferraris in years. And although there are many elements to it that say Ferrari, there are several that don’t. Design cues shared by the Honda S2000 for example. But as a car company, the challenge is to maintain brand recognition AND move outside the box. And this gem does exactly that. The cues I like include the side scalloping, unique overall proportion, peaked roof and big brother recessed tail lights.


A clean design,… that is a bit anti-ferrari. Almost as if it were some other company trying their take at designing one of these beasts. Although safely…

I always like to see the same car in a metallic and solid. The light plays differently. And surface changes say a lot. The red front 3/4 looks as if a couch has been set into the body with the way the hip curls up. (Although, I don’t much care for the simple unresolved front end treatment.) Like the original, but too safe.


Edgy in some ways, too simple in others, the FERRARI CALIFORNIA succeeds in bringing back a legend …safely. I like it…. kinda.

If there’s a Dissection you’d like to see, email!

And here’s your treat for reading the full Dissection! 007!!!!!!!

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Who wantsa Golf, Fireball style? Bring it…

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Auto Dissection LIVE!!!


Oooo, now THIS is going to be fun!


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Houston is GOIN’ OFF!



delorean2.JPG delorean1.JPGdelorean3.JPGartcarparade5.jpegartcarparade6.jpegartcarparade1.JPGartcarparade2.JPGartcarparade3.JPGartcarparade7.jpeg

Back from filming my new MyRide “World of Cars” episodes with my crew of CamermanDan and OllieBentley AKA “The Photodude,” I’ve had a chance to reflect on the wild people of Houston, Texas. Passionate about cars to say the least, but unique as well… (Uh, CamermanDan is the one wearing the leg warmers…)

Coming in the next few weeks to MyRide will be an episode about the DELOREAN MOTOR COMPANY. Yes, Super cool DeLorean info… with Texan secrets. PLUS, we had a chance to hang with the folks at the Houston Art Car Parade. Some of the most insane vehicles to date! Parade expert Robin Wagner told us all about it and knows a heck of a lot about crazy cars!! There was a bazillion people there and about 250 entries. Kind like SEMA, only completely different.

Weather was a perfect 91 degrees with about 95% humidity. BWA!! BUT, we had a great time filming, and the episodes are gonna be outrageous!!

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Things I do BADLY…

I got schooled this past weekend at a Baby Party. Head of Fireballed! Entertainment, Adam Chapnick showed me how it’s done. Smooth…

I hope this embarrasses the heck out of him… He’s now hoopin’ on YouTube for the world to see…

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Great SCOTT…!


I’ll be heading BACK TO Houston on Thursday for another episode of MyRide. This time, we’re invading THE new DeLorean Factory to see what they are coming out with in the FUTURE. A friend of mine, MARTY, said that the car is cool, so we’ll grab our MC donald’s and FLY out to see them. I just hope we don’t run OUTTATIME.

Yea, that was lame, but what else is new…

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I want the Lambo…

Mmmm… Exotics.

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Please join me in welcoming two new Fireballers into the world. Makayla and Keilani Sullivan. These two tots belong to MyRide Producer, Mike Sullivan.

Now what’s amazing about these georgeous little girls is that they were born so small that they stayied in the hospital for months. About a pound each, give or take a Hershey’s kiss. But now, they’re finally home and eager to begin their love of cars! So, it’s with great pride that I share my friend’s kids with the world. And with dreams of cars, chocolate, all things girls …a wish for a life of abundance and love.

Oh, and if they grow up to like cars too, that works… NICE JOB, MIKEY AND TRISH! Now let’s see if we can line up a job for them, eh?

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Crooked is COOL…

If you want to have fun, get crooked…

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Auto Dissection on MyRide! FORD FLEX!


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