GHOSTRIDER Bikes are not so scary without the heat…

So, the other day I was floatin’ through a top secret Hollywood Car location when I spotted these two-wheeled demons from GHOSTRIDER. I expected to be scared, but without the flames and heat, they were just cool. Nick Cage wasn’t around either for some reason. Oh, that’s right… he’s doin’ National Treasure 3! Yup, the beans are spilled…

Ok, so they aren’t cars, but they would be cool skirtin’ around town and scaring kids for Halloween. “Hey kid! Check this out! BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Podcast Episode #7

Cool. It’s what we do here in the garage, and this week is no different. Fireball brings us the latest Hollywood Movie News regarding National Treasure 3, XMen 4 and 5 and Justice League, we both have a star sighting and it’s almost Tim’s birthday!

Plus another King Tahoe update with K&N and a sneak peak of an upcoming cool interview! Finally, don’t forget our Facebook contest!. I mean, we are giving away a car to 1 lucky winner as soon as we hit 100 fans over there. Help us out, spread the word!

Enjoy the Show!

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Episode 7
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