GHOSTRIDER Bikes are not so scary without the heat…

So, the other day I was floatin’ through a top secret Hollywood Car location when I spotted these two-wheeled demons from GHOSTRIDER. I expected to be scared, but without the flames and heat, they were just cool. Nick Cage wasn’t around either for some reason. Oh, that’s right… he’s doin’ National Treasure 3! Yup, the beans are spilled…

Ok, so they aren’t cars, but they would be cool skirtin’ around town and scaring kids for Halloween. “Hey kid! Check this out! BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Concept Art by Jerad S. Marantz…

Great concepts by Jerad, the finish being pretty much exactly what you see here…

WATCH! GHOST RIDER Spirit of Vengeance Featurette… Badass…

GHOSTRIDER Bike gets fiery…

Here’s a couple tighter shots of GHOSTRIDER’s bike. Although you can’t tell what kind of bike it is, it doesn’t really matter. Why? Well, because it’s on fire, duh. And smoldering ashes and soot tend to obscure logos. Take it from me, I know.


Everything a growing boy needs. Motorcycles in flames, evil doers, cute honeys, and a really pissed off hero who… just happens to be made of fire. Ok, sign me up..

Watch: JUSTICE Trailer with Nicholas Cage

Huntington Beach Concours WAY OUTTA CONTROL!

Wow, what an awesome show! Big thanks to all that came by my booth to hang, swap cool car stories and see the bitchin’ Rolls for Sorcerer’s Apprentice courtesy of CVS. And congrats again to all the students who won the art contest. That was a blast! (Check out Jeffrey Sung’s cool Aston Martin rendo)

Also got a visit from buddy Dan Woods of Chop, Cut Rebuild… Jeff Styles/Master Pinstriper…, GM Car dood Richard James and tons of car lovin’ kids who reached into Fireball’s ToyBox! (It’s a bag actually, by I was trying to throw them off…)

Check out the neato pix!



Ok, so Satan like cars? This can’t be bad. I mean, the Devil appreciates metal sculpture? So what if he’s goin’ around running people over. We’ve seen that in THE CAR, right? And he did a pretty darn good job, too!

Course, Nicholas Cage behind the wheel is something else entirely. I think the Devil should chill out, grab a latte and snow cone and just take ‘er easy. If not… Nick’s gonna lay the SMACKDOWN.

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Yea, big day on the MOVIE CAR front. My buddy, Fly, and his cohort Pat Devereux from TOP GEAR Magazine came by the shop to shoot some stuff for an upcoming issue. They be awesome… (Hope I didn’t break the camera.)

Also, first trailer for Disney’s SORCERER’S APPRENTICE featuring a beauty Rolls Royce built by CVS. Sweet ride that morphs into something else. Looks like a good flick. I’m wiped.