In today’s episode, Fireball heads to Fountain Valley for an upcoming Car Show meet-up, then to Oxnard to be on the Radio with the guys from HORSEPOWER FOR AN HOUR!
Horsepower for an Hour is a hard-hitting automotive news & info show for everyone from the daily driver to the weekend wrencher… if it’s classic cars, racing, or sports car clubs, Horsepower for an Hour is “Your Ultimate Stop for Automotive Podcasts”!

The perpetual change in the automotive industry can be swift and difficult to stay abreast of, what’s new and innovative today is soon antiquated and seemingly archaic. Advancements in fuel systems, electronic technology and autonomous vehicles are just a few of the topics you’ll find at Horsepower for an Hour and

On today’s Vlog… Hysterical PASSENGERS Press Conference!

Today’s episode of Fireball Malibu Vlog! Fireball gets a Private Pre-Screening of the movie PASSENGERS with Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence, then heads to the Press Conference!

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