MASSIVE 2017 NISSAN TITAN XD HITS MALIBU! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 644 – After heading to the beach… twice, Fireball reveals the massive 2017 Nissan Titan XD at the Fireball Pad.

About the NISSAN TITAN from WIKI… The #NissanTitan is a full-size pickup truck manufactured in the United States for the North American market by Nissan. It was named for the Titans of Greek mythology.

Development of the Nissan Titan began in September 1999, with design work under Diane Allen. Giovanny Arroba’s TA60 exterior was chosen in late 2000, with a final production freeze in July 2001.

The design language of the future truck was previewed by the 2001 Alpha T concept shown at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show, which had previously developed through November 2000.

Production on the Nissan Titan began on September 21, 2003 and sales on December 1, 2003. The Titan used Nissan’s new full-size F-Alpha platform.

This new platform was shared with the Nissan Armada and Infiniti QX56 SUVs, with all three manufactured in Canton, Mississippi, United States. The first generation Nissan Titan continued without a major redesign through 2015.

All Nissan Titan came standard with a 32-valve, 5.6-liter engine, VK56DE, which generates 317 hp (236 kW) (305 hp or 227 kW on 2004–2006 models) and 385 lb·ft (522 N·m) of torque.

The first generation Titan came equipped with a fully boxed ladder frame and was available in either rear-wheel drive or a shift-on-the-fly four-wheel-drive system coupled with a five-speed RE505A automatic transmission.

An automatic brake-limited slip (ABLS) system was available on all Titans. The first generation was available as a King Cab (extended cab) or a crew cab with a full-sized back seat, with no regular cab being offered.

The King Cab featured a 6-foot-7-inch (2.01 m) bed, while the crew cab had a 5-foot-7-inch (1.70 m) bed. In 2008, a longer wheelbase model was offered with either an 8-foot-3-inch (2.51 m) bed on the King Cab or a 7-foot-3-inch (2.21 m) bed on the crew cab.

There were originally four trim levels available: the S, SV, Pro-4x, SE and LE. The SE and LE trim were eventually replaced by the luxury SL trim.

The S was the base model, the SV a mid-level model with more features, the PRO-4X was the off-road-oriented version, and the top level SL was offered with features like 20-inch alloy wheels as standard equipment. 2017 Nissan Titan XD

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NISSAN X-PATROL by Samir Sadikhov


Pretty cool concept here by IED Turin Samir Sadikhov. Nissan better grab this guy soon.


(Read on…)

DRIVE THE FUTURE on Monday… and then be cool.


Yes, on my blog, you get to drive the future. And by driving the future, you get to be cool. So, welcome to the club. And today’s mess starts with these babies from Nissan, Yundong and Toyota.

Ok, I’m just gonna throw this out there to the guys at Yundong…. That name needs to change, seriously. For way too many reasons than I care to mention. But dudes should not sell things to other dudes that are called Yundongs. Period… or maybe .com

Toyota+FT-HT+Yuejia+2 Yundong+Shuangqing+II

2012 LAAS CONCEPTS – Kia Superheroes, Nissan and Smart WHAT?

Ok, so here’s something funky. Kia got it into their heads that Superhero Kias are cool. And although the attempt was honorable, they’re lacking real movie car design. They shoulda called someone who does movie themed cars. Someone like…

Hm. Have to think about that one…

Then Nissan has this Hi-Cross 0-E Concept that isn’t all that exciting, but very Nissan. Then… there’s Smart. And I really don’t have anything to say about it, so let’s movie on, shall we?


Watch! 2012 North American Auto Show Preview from Toyota

It’s gonna be concepts galore for the 2012 Detroit Show otherwise known as The 2012 North American International Auto Show. Yes, a mouthful, but along with this NS4 Concept from Toyota, you can expect very cool cars from Chevrolet, Honda, Lexus, Lincoln, Nissan, Smart, Volvo and VW. Stay tuned here for the latest images… ’cause concepts are what this show’s all about.

More Tokyo Motor Show highlights

Concepts are rollin’ out like Life Savers on a new flavor hunt! And since the Tokyo Show is king of weird and funky, they just keep getter better. Check out these rides from Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Yamaha and VW. The one above is all Social Networked Out with the side being a huge screen to display your tweets. …Something we all need. 😉

Tokyo Motor Show Sneek Peek 1…

Yea, those funky doods at the Tokyo Motor Show are at it again. And GREEN is it…

The Tokyo Show is always cool because they really push the “funk.” And what is the funk? Well, let’s just say that if cars could have an afro, then the Japanese Doods would figure out how to make it work. An then… funkiness would ensue. But for now, check out these lil’ runabouts from Suzuki and Nissan.

Fireball’s Top DESIGNS of the Week…

Every week… coolness abounds. So why not share it?

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