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Yea, I bounce around a lot with different products, seeing what’s worthy of becoming Fireballed. And the guys at BIOMETICS have really helped to raise the bar in the health arena. Check ’em out when you can, but there’s no fun in the car world when you’re always feeling sick and tired. Get healthy. (The protein drinks are awesome…) The karate lady is my wife, Kathie. Steer clear or she’ll do a slice and dice!



Wow, that’s a hard word to spell without a DIXSHUNARRY…

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?  Basically, it’s someone who runs around doing all kinds of cool things, thinking up cool stuff that he’d love to do, and inspiring others to do the same. Or something like that, right? Now, I design cars, do silly TV and web shows, talk to kids around the country and preach about health. Things I like to have in my life and figure out a way for you to do the same. Case in point…

Fireball Fuel. I created this Nutritional Product with Biometics for a lot of reasons. Most people would say that I just wanted to make money. Well, I won’t lie as money is a factor in all our lives and we need it to survive and do more of what we love. But if that were the case, I could have created candy bars, and honestly make MORE money. But the real reasons for creating something healthy is this…

You can’t enjoy yourself if you feel like crap all the time. Technical enough for you? I mean, people are sick. Really sick. They eat terrible and wonder why they never have any energy. Plus, when you feel poorly, you think poorly. In fact, some would say that feeling poorly is a direct result of thinking poorly. So, I got together with my friends at Biometics and said that we really need to create something that makes people feel good. And when you feel good, you can do more.

Honestly, the message here is simple. And the picture is larger than it seems. I don’t really care if you buy Fireball Fuel. What I want you to do is stop treating yourself like a trash can and dumping crap into it. This is the only body you’ve got and like you car, if you put in bad stuff, you get bad performance. Simple. So, if you have a product that you like and it works, good for you. If you’re looking for something, then get out there and find it. Whatever it is. And then share it with everyone else.

I love cars. But more than that. I’d love to hear that you’re taking care of yourselves.

And back to being an Entrepreneur, Fireball Fuel is set up so that you can sell it yourself as well. A chance to give people something that makes them feel good. Plus make more money so that you can take that trip to Aruba. get in on something that makes a difference in the right direction and for the right reasons. That will cause you to “think” in the right way.

Today’s book recommendation. Charles Haanel’s THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM.

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Fireball Tim and Biometics PRESS RELEASE

Fireball Fuel, comin’ at ya…




February 15, 2008… Hollywood Movie Car Designer FIREBALL TIM™ and Performance Liquid Nutrition Specialists BIOMETICS have fired up to announce an intensive partnership for an advanced liquid body fuel.

BIOMETICS has perfected the advanced liquid fuel for your body. This liquid super fuel product line can help you generate energy and maximize nutrient power to outperform the competition. Whether you want to run full-throttle and crank your body’s engine to the limit or restore your body to run better than ever, BIOMETICS provides the state-of-the-art formula for peak performance.

“Fireball trusts only the best with everything he does,” comments BIOMETICS President, Ted Silverberg. “Car enthusiasts want only the best fuel for their vehicles which is why we’ve developed the best fuel for your body. An advanced liquid high octane nutritional booster.”

Fireball Tim’s many creative movie car designs for films like BATMAN, SON OF THE MASK and JURASSIC PARK has sparked the campaign. “I’m really excited to be working with BIOMETICS,” says Fireball. “They are extreme forward thinkers with an eye on unique products for a unique lifestyle. A turbocharged advanced body fuel is something we all need in today’s active and intense schedules.”

www.fireballfuel.com  Coming March 15th, 2008.

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Biometics was founded 1993 with a belief in a connection between health and a more fulfilling life. The advanced liquid nutritional products from Biometics utilize the patented Emusol® Micellization process.  This state-of-the-art process effectively increases absorption of essential nutrients to the body by converting hard to absorb fat-soluble nutrients into water-soluble form. The Biometics system of Shared Marketing™ offers the opportunity to share Biometics products with millions of people, allowing you to generate a residual income, providing a lifestyle beyond any traditional profession.


Hollywood Movie Car Designer, Fireball Tim, is President of Fireballed! Entertainment and Design, a Division of Fireballed! Inc. A Hollywood Automotive Lifestyle Brand and Promotional Development Company. He designs vehicles for films, has multiple licenses through Fireballed and is also the Host of Autobytel’s hugely popular Automotive Social Network MYRIDE (www.myride.com). You can currently see him on Speed Channel’s “STREET TUNER CHALLENGE” Cable Show.



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