The Official GARY WALES Collection Coloring Book is now available on AMAZON!

Grow your collection of the coolest Coloring Books on the Planet this month as we add the all-new Official GARY WALES Collection Coloring Book!

Master Designer and Car Builder GARY WALES has spent a lifetime creating some of the most unique Classic Cars on the planet.

Open-wheeled behemoths that hearken back to a day of revolutionary change and the need for speed. These amazing designs are actual real cars, but also included in this book are some of Gary’s incredible collections amassed over 60 years. Coloring these babies will take some time! Includes a Fireballed CASTLE MAZE!ORDER NOW on Amazon!

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Next Official GARY WALES Coloring Book Cover REVEALED!!!

An amazing book needs a SPECTACULAR Cover! This all-new and badass Coloring Book is our BEST ONE YET! Comes out October 1st to Amazon!

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