End of the World Get2Gether…


Oh, well. So much for the world coming to an end. I feel sorry for all those crazy doods that spent their wad on building Bunkers. Have to turn them into wine cellars. Or maybe, an underground garage for a cool car?

Spent last night in Downtown LA at a friends, eating, conversing and playing with lil’ red-headed Olive. She’s a pistol, as most red heads are, but they just moved into a Warehouse and are turning it into the coolest pad you’ve ever seen. Not a great area, but the sq footage can’t be beat. They had tons of chocolate ’cause they knew we were coming, and if I’m gonna go out with a bang, it’s gonna be with the cocoa in hand, right? But… the world didn’t end so I’m gonna have to finish what I stuffed in my pockets.

Buddy Greg made his famous lemon-orange cheesecake based on a recipe that goes back to 1990. He’s got it perfected and I had no trouble let’n him know. Gulp.