Today’s Malibu Surfside News COMIC… One with Everything @MalibuNews @CityMalibu #malibu @malibu

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the Malibu Surfside News here in town, then you’re for a surprise. It’s all new and I’m doing everything from Comics like this, to photos to RIDE OF THE WEEK. It’s cool because Malibu is certainly a car town along with all the celebs. In an average day, I see 3-4 doin’ their thing, but many are also car buffs and drive some serious metal. Today? Rick Springfield and Jason Statham. Both love cars and both drive… as you know.


If you live here in town, contact me for a chance to feature your ride. No straight forward classic cars, but off-the-chart kinda stuff like this. DO IT!