One-Wheeled Gyro Bike – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 77

This episode… Their last day in Portland, Fireball and Kathie head to RYNO MOTORS in Beaverton to ride a one-wheeled gyro bike.


VooDoo Doughnuts – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 76

This episode… Fireball & Kathie, while in Portland, hit the famous Voodoo Doughnuts and a Ghost Pizza joint.


FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 65 – Oregon Invades Malibu

This episode… Cleanup Time. Peanuts, Popcorn, Fireball, Kathie and the Dogs. Then Fireball gets a visit from Oregonian High School Graduates, Chris, Nick and Thor. Awesome.


A week in CORVALLIS, OREGON brings a wet, wild and slightly painful experience @corvallis #corvallis #oregon

2014-07-13_19-32-07_619 copy

Had a blast on our trip to Corvallis and Portland this past week. Swam in the Willamette, went to the wedding our our friends Jordan & Tiffany, hung with our friends The Hubbards, ate at some cool joints and even had our teeth worked on thanks to Doc Wood of Dixon Creek Dental. He’s the BEST and always will be due to the fact that he’s a Conscious Cool Dentist. He has some of the best people in the business working with him and they are seriously fun to hang out with. Over seeing a dentist locally, I’d make the trip to Oregon ANYTIME!! Thanks again Doc for everything!

Regarding Corvallis, it’s a quaint and beautiful town about an hour or so south of Portland. The river is fun to swim and the people are super awesome.

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NEW EPISODE! New Teeth… Watch us get drilled!!! HAHAHA!!!!!


Here’s a filler episode we did recently on our trip to see Doc Wood up in Oregon. Mister Dental Genius of Dixon Creek Dental!! It was awesome.

If going to the dentist makes you queasy, then don’t watch! On the other hand, just grab a small baggie in case you blow chunks. It’s funny…

A week in OREGON for Dental Excitement! @DollarCars @DixonCDental


So, this past week, Kathie, Sean and I went up to Oregon for a visit to DIXON CREEK DENTAL. Kathie, for some teeth whitening, Sean to fix a snaggle tooth that he got from a recnet fall (knocked his front teeth out!) and myself for 4 back crowns. Needed to get those silver fillings out of my mouth as they’re toxic. So… off we went for a jaunt up north to our friends.

We had an absolute blast… if you can believe it in going to the dentist. We were even treated really well by our friends @ DOLLAR RENT-A-CAR, as Marianne hooked us up with a Badass Black Cherokee.

But to be grateful is an understatement when you have Doc Wood work on you. In all my years of going to the dentist, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly to Corvallis, Oregon to have this done as there’s nobody better. And the assistants like Tiffany, Laura, Laurie, and Jeana were super pros. Check out the shots from the trip and if you’re in the market for some dental improvements, head on up and tell ’em Fireball sent ya.

DSC09454 DSC09456

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