Fireball completes stunning 1968 CADILLAC & AIRSTREAM for client CADIAIR.COM…

Super great project with our good friends at…

CADIAIR provides this set of a 1968 Cadillac Convertible and 1971 Airstream for film hire and they wanted a vision of what it would look like parked in PALM SPRINGS. Came out pretty snazzy! Be sure to check out their site for your next film/commercial shoot!

What can Fireball do for you? Sketches will also be used in upcoming Coloring Books from Fireball Publishing! This one for an upcoming 2021 CADILLAC Book.



Not many people can say that they went to see Marilyn Monroe in a Hyundai, but… I can. (Not really sure anyone cares all that much… yet) But alas, I grabbed Fireball Pop and the Bride and we headed off to Palm Springs in the 2013 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec for a Saturday with Miss Monroe and a trip up the Palm Springs Tram.

Now, if you live in a cave and don’t know what I’m talking about here… let’s expand, shall we?

This Monroe sculpture originally premiered in Chicago where Kathie saw it first. Closing here eyes and getting in tune with the infinite, she envisioned it coming to California, and voila! Palm Springs!! Okay, maybe that isn’t exactly how it happened, but it did come here just the same. And we headed out there to see her in the flesh… or maybe in the bronze. And shes gorgeous. 25 feet tall and all woman.


Then, after fighting the crowds in downtown for a Parade, we lept back in the 490hp Genesis and headed to 1 Tramway Road to grab the 1pm Tram to the top of the mountain. Now, if you’ve never done this, then you have to get your behind up there. Snow, Trails, Snow sliding, Trails and just plain wilderness awesome. The crisp air and views were spectacular.


The car? Like cruisin’ a couch, baby. I put it in sleep mode and we snoozed all the way home. (That was a joke.) THEY slep, while the Fireball drove… and drove… and drove… ’cause the traffic was like someone on the news said that there was a big party at the Fireball pad and you’re all invited! Man!!

But, grateful that my butt had a comfy seat, baby. Don’t let another weekend go by without doin’ something fun! 5MINUTE DRIVE filming this week with Malibu special guest…

Check out the silly behavior of Fireball Pop below! Can’t take him anywhere…


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