The PV Marathon runs to success!

Big thanks to Rori and the folks of the Palos Verdes Marathon for asking me to attend and be Grand Marshall this year! What a great event and so many cool people. My partner John and I brought in a ’65 orange Caddy as the pace car from CVS and cruised the opening of the 5K. It was cool.

But there’s something else. It’s inspirational. Makes you want to get out there and be healthy. So, today, as in Monday… do something healthy for yourself. Walk, Bike, Run, think health and health will come.

Happy Monday, folks!

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Fireball to Grand Marshall PV Marathon…

What? Says who? … SAYS people who love to run! And why are people running around me? Well, their really not running around me, actually. They’ll be following me at the 2010 PALOS VERDES MARATHON.

And why would you find a car guy at a Marathon? Well,… um. Well,… ’cause I’m drivin’ the PACE CAR, doods!! And what will that be? Hmf, like I’m gonna reveal THAT!

Anyway, I’ll be Grand Marshall for the Marathon on May 15th and The HB Concours on June 5th. If you’re a runner, don’t miss it. PV is the Europe of the West. Sweet!

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