Today’s Episode… I drive a monster 2015 CAMARO with PARNELLI JONES…


WATCH! Legendary PARNELLI JONES on the latest 5Minute Drive… #Parnelli #Racing @ShadBalch @Chevrolet #MuscleCar @thegentracer @motorator


Pretty incredible experience to sit with Parnelli on the latest Episode #37. He’s an icon for sure. We had a great time talking racing and driving Chevy’s 580hp 2015 Camaro ZL1. HUG THANKS to Mr. Jones and the folks at Chevrolet! We may have turned him!!

Filming & #BookSigning with PARNELLI JONES @WCM_AgouraHills results in awesomeness… #Parnelli #Racing @autoblognews


What a great event, put on by my friends at WORLD CLASS MOTORING featured racing legend and all around great guy PARNELLI JONES. Took Parnelli for a spin in the new Camaro ZL1 to which we switched… and Parnelli laid down the hammer to show me what’s what. Wow! Episode coming next week.

But the Book Signing was awesome featuring the great photos of Dean Kirkland and all of Parnelli’s cars. BIG THANKS to GM for the Camaro!

DSC09915  DSC09908

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PARNELLI JONES on 5Minute Drive… filming Saturday @WCM_AgouraHills #ParnelliJones #Racing #BookSigning @ShadBalch @burningmatt


Join me tomorrow at World Class Motoring in Agoura as Parnelli does a BOOK SIGNING right after we shoot and new episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE, leaving from there at 1pm! What will we be driving?? Come and find out! Then Sunday, it’s MALIBU CARS & COFFEE!

LA Auto Show PRESS DAYS are smokin!

Wow, what a show THIS is gonna be!

The attitude among everyone is so positive and so exciting that this year’s LA Auto Show is going to be fantastic! Check out all the great pix, but a big shout out to all that we met today across the halls. Big Cheeses like ma buddy Parnelli Jones and KLOS Radio DJ Uncle Joe Benson, David Beattie of Slot Mods, Cool Motor Trend Radio DJ Bob Long, Gorgeous Super Model Kari, CameraGuru Stephen Russo, KABC SuperHost Dave Kunz, MINI President Jim McDowell, DynoMaster Jeff Lawrence from Creative Technology and Ford Pro Driver Cam Newman let me lay down the rubber in a Ford Boss 302 and Steve Young of The Auto Channel. Super cool car nuts.

More of LAAS coming this week with COLORS. Sweet!