GIVING BACK… from The Daily Driver Project

One of the things I love about the car industry and many of the car shows in Southern California is that they love to GIVE BACK.

They gather toys… a lot of toys, for Christmas.

They also donate money to tons of charities linked to their respective shows. Veterans, Cancer Research, Animals. They are all covered and it’s fantastic.

Even the individual car lover gives back in their own way.

On Saturday, I headed over to a very cool little car show in Anaheim called Patriots and Paws. The organization raises money to help Veterans in 2 ways…

(1) They help them with household items such as furniture, kitchen items and appliances. (2) They also get them therapy pets. Both of these things are a great way to help them out and to combine it into one organization. And it’s fantastic.

Find those charities that mean something to you. Get involved in whatever capacity you can. Money, your time, whatever you can do to help out.

Whatever the way you can give back… THANK YOU and keep it up. Any and all help with any cause is always a beautiful thing.

**PATRIOTS AND PAWS is now listed on our Show Page.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.