An amazing time at AUTOMOTO in Monterey with ADAM CAROLLA and PETE BROCK…

A really fun time at the AUTOMOTO FILM FESTIVAL in Monterey a few years back with Adam Carolla and buddy Pete Brock. It was a blast and it made me wonder if Pebble Beach will be back in force? What do you guys think?

Does the country have what it takes to bounce back? I KNOW it does… but will YOU?

VLOG coming this week from The 2018 Art Center Car Classic…

Amazing photos of the show here by TED7… Enjoy!

Great time at this year’s 2018 ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC. A lot of Car Celebs, Designers and such. Fireball was a judge for the Porsches and spent the day Vlogging, FBLive-ing and enjoying the cars.

Should his Car Coloring Books be in the Student Store? You guys want that? Let us know.

**TED7 Shots here of Fireball FBLive-ing with Race Legend Pete Brock and Big Dog Jay Leno.