Incredible DESIGN Tuesday with Bertone, Peugot, McLaren and MORE!

Bertone Jet 22 Shooting Brake_FireballTim

Tuesdays are important. 1, because I have to take out the trash… and 2, because it’s the second day of the week. So, here’s some cool cars to celebrate that I remembered to take out the trash. The Bertone Shooting Brake based on the Aston Rapide, an INFEKTD Ambulance that Kathie shot on the weekend, the McLaren P1 Production version that I still need to drive and a gorgeous Peugot Concept.

Ambulance_FireballTim  McLaren-P1-Production_FireballTim Peugeot SR1 Concept_FireballTim

What does it take to make things COOL?

Not that this is all that cool, but after about 10 minutes on Photoshop this morning, this lil’ EV from Citroen Peugot (called the VELV) could make a snappy little ride. It was designed for Corprate Fleets and Rental companies, but could sell to individuals if they spent a little time to make them cooler.

The design isn’t bad compared to some EVs, but the addition of minor aesthetics does a lot as people make buying desicisons based on the smallest things.

Put together by a bunch of French doods, the VELV hits a top speed of 68 mph and can travel about 62 miles on a single charge.

Source: WorldCarFans

Fireball’s BEST DESIGNS of the WEEK…

Emotion. That’s what it’s all about… Feast.


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