Is this the World’s LONGEST PICKUP? – FMV495

Today’s episode of Fireball Malibu Vlog! Pokin’ around Malibu in the Hyundai Veloster, FIreball & Kathie spot this elongated Dodge RAM Pickup. Plus… TONS of other stuff!


MALIBU CARS & COFFEE welcomes a big Ford Tonka Beast… the F-750


What’s brewing for the next MALIBU CARS & COFFEE coming up on April 19th? Well, how about a TONKA?

Big thanks to the boys at FORD, as we’ll be welcoming an appearance by this beefy Ford F-750. And if I can arrange it, I’ll be parking my car right in the back. šŸ˜‰

Now, it’s unclear as to whether you can buy this Tonka version, but if you can, Christmas is going to be interesting this year. (I used to fill mine with Chocolate Balls and dump them into an EarthMover. Pretty awesome.) But off the heels of having Keanu Reeves (below) at the show last time, it’s going to take something very large to measure up. Looks like Ford may have just the thing. GET ON BOARD, JOIN THE FB PAGE and we’ll see you there!



2014 RAM 1500 appears @ The Fireball Pad @ramtrucks #ram1500


So… here’s the thing. It’s huge. It’s RED. It’s a RAM 1500 and it’s parked in front of the Pad. So… let’s film this puppy. Tomorrow, it’sĀ  5MINUTE DRIVE with a cool guest, then Friday… we’re off to the Long Beach Aquarium. (It’s the only parking lot big enough. šŸ˜‰


REDSTER Build Episode 3…

Here’s Episode 3 of the build. Truck just left today for AutoTrader Classics in Atlanta. Then, back here for SEMA in November. Hope he doesn’t end up like Lightning McQueen…

The REDSTER Build Episode 2…

The REDSTER Build Episode 1

EPISODE 1 of 5! Be sure to check back every Monday for a new episode! Yea, gonna be cool. And if you’re goin’ to SEMA, you’ll see it in the flesh!