Second Fireball Trading Card is the PINUPS #3 featuring Badass TIFFANY TOTH!!

Fireball Launch Week continues with an amazing new PINUP Trading Card!

This one is #3 featuring a great shot of Pinup Tiffany Toth by Mitzi Valenzuela with an original Ed Roth Ford restore by Dave Shuten of GALPIN!Grab the new card on our ESTY Shop here!!

Today’s Tryptic of PINUP Beauties elevate the Pinup Park…

Welcome to the Park, ladies. Enjoy your stay as Goddess’ of Cool…

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It’s Monday at the PINUP PARK… Helloooo ladies…

Enter the PARK here for more…

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Lovely latest additions to our PINUP PARK! Oooo… we’re SO gonna do a PINUP Coloring Book!

Check out the rest of the ladies in our PINUP PARK!

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Trying New Things… A New Featured Article from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

*New Thursday Featured Article from Wes Nielsen of THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

The other day, Fireball got a hold of me and asked if I would like to write for this blog. Of course I said yes.

You have to say yes to opportunities, you never know where they are going to lead you.

Now if you have been following Fireball for a while, you know I do a lot of car related stuff with him and I’m stoked to be sharing my thoughts and automotive adventures with you.

In the last few weeks I have been trying new things, venturing outside my comfort zone. What’s my comfort zone you ask? Well that’s shooting cars at car shows and cruisin’ down the highway.

The first thing I tried was moving from behind the camera to in front of it. Yes I’m officially a Vlogger as of last week. With some encouragement from Fireball and some other friends I decided to try it out.

Now I have been on camera before in Fireball’s vlogs (Checkout any of the Wheels & Waves episodes) but it is different when it’s just you. I recorded my first vlog… and well it sucked and I deleted it. Sometimes you just need to start over so I slept on it and tried the next day and it was much better and a little easier.

Add on top of it I kind of enjoy it. I’m not sure where it is going to go, but I’m now headed down that path.

Another thing that I have said yes to is shooting people, specifically Pinups. This is way outside what I normally do, but again you have to try new things to see if it is something you will enjoy.

I’m lucky to have friends that are models and I headed out to one of their shows to grab some pics of them at their show. A really fun time and something I think I will be adding to what I do.

Remember, even if it makes you uncomfortable, try it. You may find out you are really good at it and enjoy whatever you have decided to try.

Here is a link to some of my pinup shoots recently.

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Friday PINUPS will be the best thing you see today…

Sure, there’s lots of reasons why someone could say that Pinups are out-dated or are not women supportive.

But I choose to believe that those that are artisans, picking their subjects because of their beauty via art, photography, sculpture or any other medium, deserve to be seen.

Help us to celebrate the female form in ALL it’s forms… as beauty is far more than an outfit or hairstyle.

It’s a woman’s character, love and passion. But mostly their thoughts about their ability to overcome any obstacle and be STRONG. Here’s a cool site for more…

Have a great weekend, folks!

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It’s Friday… so it’s ST. PATRICK’S DAY PINUPS!

You made it to Friday… HERE’S YOUR PINUP REWARD

Friday is PINUP DAY here on the Vlog… and aren’t you lucky

And this… is FRIDAY PINUPS