Today’s Featured Book… PIRATES!!!

Today’s Featured Fireball Coloring Book… PIRATES!!

A great “ARG, SCURVY BUGGER” of a Coloring Book, Fireball Tim’s PIRATES Coloring Book has 20 pages of Adventure and even a Shark’s Cove Maze! Do you dare? Get a copy for you kids or grandkids on Amazon NOW! $6.99

Today’s COLOR ME… The Bow Princess

Today’s COLOR ME… Booty Call TREASURE MAP!!

Time yourself on this one… post it in the comments section!

Today’s COLOR ME… The Battle Rages

Today’s Fireball Coloring Book… PIRATES!

“Arrrrgggg!!!!” You know, not sure if any Pirate in REAL Pirate days actually said that or if they were really called Scurvy Buggers. But after watching SWASHBUCKLER over a thousand times, they might as well have.

So get your PIRATE BOOTY on and snag one of these great Pirate Coloring Books from Fireball on Amazon. Any boy with an imagination will be sure to love the 20 pages of Piratey coolness. Problem solved! (Throw in a copy of Swashbuckler for them on their Birthday and watch those eyes light up!)

Hit it!

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Fireball launches 2 NEW BOOKS! Pirates and Wacky Things!

To fit within the great library of COLORING & LEARNING Books, Fireball has now released his new PIRATES Coloring Book and BIG BOOK of WACKY THINGS. Both available on Amazon.

The PIRATES Book is 20 pages for Coloring out of Fireball’s extensive Hollywood Library.

The WACKY THINGS teaches kids and adults of all ages, the uniqueness of inanimate objects as vehicles. A great addition to the ever-growing set from his Book Arm, Vlogmaster Publishing.