Top Ten PONTIAC Concepts…

Jimmy Hoffa’s LOST PONTIAC FOUND!! – FMV472

Fireball Malibu Vlog 472 shoots Fireball & Kathie into the Santa Monica Mountains for a hike, where sure enough, they find Jimmy Hoffa’s long lost 70’s Pontiac… if he had one. Probably not, but it’s still a #Mystery. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


Automobile Driving Museum Cars of 1960-1970 – FMV306

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 306! Fireball & Ken head to The ADM for cool cars from 1960-70. Then drive a ’69 T-Bird!! SHARE Today’s Vlog!


Today’s CAR STORIES Ep23 is a Beer Power’d ’73 Pontiac Firebird!!

Click here to watch this video on the Beer Powered Pontiac Firebird on YouTube.

MAD MOVIE CARS… Smokey & The Bandit #TransAm #Pontiac #MuscleCar #TenFourGoodBuddy #SemiTruck


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Fireball’s Daily Sketch… The GT OHcrap!!


PONTIAC hasn’t survived, but like DATSUN… we may someday see a rebirth from GM. And until then, I’ll just keep planting seeds in their minds for BIG tailpipes. This one… The GT OHcrap!!

BANDIT TRANS AM spotted in Oregon…

Flawless. Single owner car, this BANDIT is the best I’ve ever seen…

Now, what’s important to recognize is that this is a 1976 model. But the real Bandit was a ’77. Or, was it?

The answer is that the ’77 that was used for the film was really a ’76 in disguise because the ’77 had not come out yet. The front, wheels and minor adjustments were created to help promote new sales of the car once it came out. And boy, did it…

The owner, Bob Symons of Albany Oregon, was the first and ONLY owner of this perfect beast. Original paint, graphics and all, he heads to car shows all the time to show it off. But all I wanted… was to see this thing fishtail out of his showroom, chased by the Oregonian Smokies. C’mon, Bob… just once, please?


Headin’ up the 405 freeway yesterday, I came across this Custom Pontiac in the middle of gettin’ some serious mods. Didn’t stick around long enough to see the final adjustments, but I’m sure it will end up at the 2010 Junkyard Show on Pomona.

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