Day trip to IDYLLWILD for fun & chocolatey spicey goodness… @idyllwild

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A day or two ago, I grabbed the fam and we headed up to the mountains for a zoom in this week’s 2014 Caddy CTS. Although there was no snow and it was a 70 degree January day, we had an absolute blast. Yes, winter in Cali is a challenge…

First off, lunch was at the famous LA CASITA restaurant where they sell one of the best salsas I’ve ever had. A spicy creamy jalapeno mix that kicks just about anything, Mexican to Burgers. Get some if you like salsas and give a big wave to Roberto. They were awesome and tell ’em the Fireball sent ya….

A short skirt into town revealed a host of cool shops too, from gifts to chocolatey goodness.

It’s easy to forget what a day like this can bring. We get caught up in our day-to-day and taking time off with the family to go somewhere unique is so important. Anywhere. In fact, it’s better if you DO go somewhere you’ve never been as it’s more of an adventure of discovery. We call them Hat-Trick-Trips. 3 places in one day, although in the case of Idyllwild, it was lunch, chocolate and a playground.

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Fireball Pop get published in THE LA TIMES…

Now, I’d like to say this is a new thing. But every time I turn around, my Pop is being published, honored or doo”DAD”ed somewhere. He’s just totally humble about it and never toots his horn. So, when he said “Hey, I’m in the LA Times… again,” I’m like… “What do you mean AGAIN?

Yes, he’s starting to be a real pain in the ass to the LA Times guys because he’s always writing something that sticks out for today’s news. They’re like… “Oh, you’ve got something to say, eh?” And THEN, they’re like “Dang! This is good stuff. Maybe we should put this guy on staff?”

Ok, I just made all that up. But you get my drift. Good job, Popalicious.

Jalapeno Poppers from HELL…

When my son Sean said he wanted to make some Jalapeno Poppers for us, I said… “Do it.” But what I didn’t realize was that since he use to work for Tender Greens here in LA, he developed a way to Fireball them.

So, as the evening progressed, I watch he and Kathie destroy the kitchen and create what I came to know as J-Bombs. As I prepared my Mom’s 60 year old recipe for Biscuits, I naively watched in utter curiosity as the poppers came out one by one, …Soldiers of Destruction.

And my Dad was in on it, the Old Coot…

What I didn’t realize was that Sean installed a timing device in each Popper. Grrr… Sure, they were hotter than Hell on a 5th Tuesday of the Month, but the time delay was a sheer JUGGERNAUT.


The next morning. Pretty sure I busted down every house within a square block. No life left anywhere. Oops.

THEN, Sean had the nerve to ask me if I wanted him to make more!! THIS… is WAR.

Saturday doin’ of the doo…Dad…

So, my Pop’s in a movie. A short. It’s cool to see your Dad act in something because we get to discuss the character and exactly how he’s gonna play it. What’s the role? He’s a drunk bodybuilder…. not really. But, as with most things of this nature, it’s not to be revealed yet. Yea, I know, it sucks to drop a bomb and then not give the goods. But, that’s the way to cookie crumbles…

But Saturday? Prior to Pop’s big role,. we headed to Sagebrush Cantina for some grub. Got in early, …and it still took forever to bring it. Lame. Hung out for a bit, then off I was to do my own filming for something really cool that’s coming. Twist my arm and I’ll tell you… not. But you’ll dig it when it shows up. Lots of neato thingamajigs coming within the next month or so

Beautiful day worth shooting many shots… SoCal at 74 degrees. Sorry, East Coast.