Today’s Coloring Book Sketch… EURO THRASH 911

Here at FIREBALL PUBLISHING, our background is Car Design for Film. We’ve taken this idea of cool cars for movies and have placed them in super amazing Coloring Books for kids of all ages. Yes,… even YOU.

Today, it’s a PORSCHE from the slight future. Remember the movie THE CHASE with Lee Majors? He would have gotten away had he been driving this…

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5MINUTE DRIVE Flashback! Ep1 in a Porsche 911

In this Series from 2012, Fireball & Kathie talk CARS & LASAGNA…

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 6.02.56 AM

WATCH! 5MINUTE DRIVE Episode 10 features Architect James Ehrenclou in the Porsche 911!


Had a blast in this one with Architect and friend, James Ehrenclou plus the all spankin’ new 2013 Porsche 911 Cabriolet! James is a fantastic architect as you’ll see in the show notes and episode, but he also give back greatly by teaching Architecture to students at UCLA.

He’s a bit of a Hockey fanatic, too. Enjoy the show and PLEASE… SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Check out James’ cool designs at

RIDE ALONG PORSCHE 911 Premieres Tomorrow!!

Looking to break some records on YouTube views tomorrow. Help me out! This episode is WILD, FUN and with FLYIN’ FISTS OF FIREBALL, BABY!!!

WATCH!! ALL NEW 5Minute Drive Talk Show Series goes global!

Oh, yea. This is exciting stuff. Imagine a talk show… in a car. And that… is 5Minute Drive with Fireball Tim. (Uh, that’s me.) And I’m gonna take a cool car with a cool person and GOD knows what the heck is going to happen. Let me know what you think and share this with your friends!

2013 PORSCHE 911 confirmed @ The Fireball Pad for Episode 5…

Holy Can a’ Cooliolios!!!! Yup, the 2013 911 will be heading to “The Pad” for a new episode right after the Volvo C70. And this 911 is a very serious machine. Might have to shoot this episode in Vegas, baby… Whatta you think?