The year is 2130… and I just discovered a CLASSIC PORSCHE BARN FIND!

So there I was, walking the AFTERMATH of the last abandoned and destroyed city of (-fill in the blank-) when I can across an unbelievable sight…

There in front of me, having lied dormant for nearly one hundred years was a CLASSIC PORSCHE SUPERCAR!! My heart raced… it’s windows cracked, body rusted to a hulk, motor locked and 4 squirrels living in it condo-style. Yes, a master-suite and two separate bedrooms.

Should I restore it? Does it belong to anyone? What will it be worth at the Barret Jackson-SpaceX Mars Auction? But the BIG question… Will my Tesla HyperTruck float is outta here?

All these questions and more will be answered in your own mind… or in our PORSCHE Coloring Book.

Maybe I should resto-mod it with a BTTF Mr. FusionPlus? What do you guys think??