2014 469hp PORSCHE 911 GT3 breaks cover for GENEVA…

Not sure there’s anything better than taking a sports car through the Swiss Alps. I’m sure there is, but I could care less when I’m behind the wheel. The only thing on my mind is finding the best lil’ coffee nook to rest my weary leather wrapped hands. (Maybe a Toblerone Shop might be good, too).

This GT3 screamer looks beautiful in all colors and is sure to knock the swiss socks off of those at the Geneva Show. Some highlights include a fixed rear wing, single-lock alloys, instinctive front bumper w/ air vents on the bonnet & a wide rear wing.

2014-Porsche-991-GT3_1FireballTim 2014-Porsche-991-GT3_2FireballTim 2014-Porsche-991-GT3-_3FireballTim 2014-Porsche-GT3_4FireballTim 2014-Porsche-GT3_5FireballTim

Fireball’s BEST DESIGNS of the WEEK

They keep rollin’ ’em out and we keep rollin’ ’em into our garages. Why? ‘Cause they’re cool, especially the Green Rabbit. Funky Cool. And that, my friends, is DESIGN.

We’re all different, yet all the same. Cars are cars, but a Green Rabbit is… well, actually… it’s just ridiculous. I mean, it’s a Rabbit and it’s green. Did this come out on St. Patrick’s Day for some reason? Can someone explain this to me? Okay, think about this for a jiff….

Let’s do a Rabbit and paint it as green as possible. Not normal green… but GREEN. I’m sayin’ right here, right now, that this Rabbit is greener than the Prius, just ’cause it’s so green.

Okay, I’m done saying green now. Feast…

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