Weekend CONCEPT CAR crazy… @hyundai @honda @chrysler @lego


Some really insane stuff this past week from HYUNDAI, CHRYSLER, AUDI, DUCATI, CORVETTE, HONDA, PEUGEOT, LEGO and even Putin’s new Presidential Limo. Which one would YOU drive home?

2013-Hyundai-Veloster-Zombie-Survival-Machine1-Fireball_Tim  2013-Hyundai-Veloster-Zombie-Survival-Machine3-Fireball_Tim

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Russian Prez PUTIN wants a new ride…


So, I guess Putin wasn’t all that excited about gettin’ a new car, so he commissioned all the Russian car makers to build something unique. And they’re all pretty lame but this one above. Maybe I should send him a Wacky Ride?

Arpad_Takacs_FireballTim Bukarev_FireballTim Dyachenko_FireballTim Fedulov_FireballTim Galaktionov_FireballTim Guseva_FireballTim  Schwarzer_FireballTim Sebestyen_FireballTim Volkov_FireballTim