Sunday’s RCX SHOW brings out hug crowds and mondo kids…


It wasn’t enough that I went to Huntington Beach, but afterwards I met a ton of new people at THE RCX SHOW at The Long Beach Convention Center. Did a fun Book Signing and got to hang with kids, fams and the crazed Hooter Girls! (They were pretty funny, actually)

PLUS, RC Fans were goin’ nuts over the helicopters, movie cars and everything else. Check out the mondo shots below for some of the highlights…

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Fireball Tim BIG BOOK 2 ANNOUNCEMENT coming this Wednesday, May 1st!


If all goes well, I’ll be making a BIG BOOK 2 announcement on Wednesday, May 1st. “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky _____? comes out for Christmas. Super excited, because this kicks into a gear everything these books are supposed to be… and more. (Have you gotten book one yet?) And with such a great list of events for May, I’ll be able to meet up with a lot of you and discuss some fun stuff. So, what’s on the agenda for May? Howzabout…

THE BIG PHOTO SHOW on May 4-5 @ LA Convention Center

George Barris’ CULVER CITY CAR SHOW on May 11th in Culver City

FIREBALL’S Wacky Career Series @ Malibu’s WEBSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL / May 7, 10 & 13 (If you kid goes to Webster, then this’ll be a blast!)

Ferraris on COLORADO in Pasadena/ May 19

The Huntington Beach Concours d’ Elegance (Hot Rods in the Park) June 1

The Radio Controlled and Diecast Expo (RCX SHOW) June 2

RCX GIRLS Gallery…

Uh, hem. The cars were nice, too.

RCX SHOW Gallery reveals smiles and Coolness…

What a great event over the last 2 days in Long Beach. Got to see old friends like Joe Kelly, Mike Zarnock, Chris Parker, Carson Lev and Eddie Castro of Maisto/Muscle Machines. Tons of custom diecast, RCX exhibitions and GIRLS. (Check out the Girls Gallery, too…)

But the kids, man, the kids where goin’ like a train on a mission. Even my niece, Alexa showed up to take in the sites. That was her first show and she went all hog wild on the RC Jumping. Big thanks to Forrest and his team at RCX for putting on a great show and the invite. Looking forward to RCX 2013!

RCX SHOW Appearance is a GO!

That’s right. April 28th-29 will be the RCX Show and I’ll be there hangin’ out in the Diecast Section (DCX) along with my friends from DiecastX Magazine. Join the Facebook Page and COME TO THE SHOW!!

Awesome RCX SHOW highlights!!

Wow, what a great show! The energy was incredible and we had a blast with over 20,000 people attending!! The show turnout was far greater than expected, with huge numbers of kids, parents, vendors and super cool cars!

Big thanks to all those that made it such a great show. Brian from RCX, Paul Nigh and his Back to the Future Delorean, SportChassis Trucks, Bryn Faulkner and his awesome Tattoos. I even got to shoot it with Superstar San Diego Linebacker, Kevin Burnett. We also premiered our new DRAGTRACKS SYSTEM. Awesome.

Wups. Spent a little too much on diecast. Oh, well…. Check out the highlights!!

Next up? Heading to Orlando for RIDEMAKERZ!!

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What’s up at the Fireball pad this week?

It’s crazy time. Never, in all the years that I’ve been into cars has there been a more active period. It’s wild and 2010 is steppin’ up to the plate with tons of fun stuff. Although I can’t reveal too much in detail, (’cause I’ll be shot…) I can say that we have several possible builds in the works. Hm… howz about a list… to get me started so I can stay oorgonizzed?

1. I’d like to work with a major automotive manufacturer for a possible SEMA car. No, it’s not SMART. But something serious. BOOM!

2. I’d like to work with another big company on another build… for SEMA.Wait. Two? Am I nuts? DON’T ANSWER THAT!

3. How about develop a new TV Show that’s gonna be a blast? But we have to sell it first, duh. OKAY, BOOM!

4. All new Dragtracks are finally here! Gonna be playing with it at RCX. Plus, we’ll be joined by our friends at Sport Chassis. BIG BEASTY above…

5. So many events, I can’t even hold them all in my pea brain. But, after RCX, it’s “officially crazy time.”

6. How about working with a company that makes deliciousness? Edible cars? Nope, but nice guess.

7. And an all new episode of “WORLD OF CARS” coming next week!! Sweet! Look for it all over the web. Yes, it’ll be funny… and stupid… and… about cars!

8. New tattoo… Ouch. Should I skip that?  NO WAY, JOSE!!!!

All in all, not bad for the first 2 months of the year. I mean… if it all happens, right? If I’m gonna cause trouble, I might as well have fun along the way?

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RCX Show this weekend…

For those of you who have never seen a Radio Controlled Die Cast Expo, YOU GOTTA COME TO THIS!! Even if you’re not into this stuff, it will blow your mind to see how serious people are about it.

All the major manufacturers will be there and I’ll have the Street Tuner Challenge MINI there and a surprise movie car! Awesome for kids, tons of diecast collectibles and BIG AIR!!

Fairplex, Pomona, CA
Saturday and Sunday (Check the website for times and cost)

See you there!!

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