Today’s Automotive Inspiration… ASK, FAITH, RECEIVE

“…I need a Parking Spot.” That’s what I say.

CAUSE: I was helping my wife Kathie, as she was building a new costume for The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday.

She needed some very specific materials that I could only get in downtown LA. So, off I went on an adventure. Half way there, I said… “Parking Spot God, I need a Parking Spot…” and I need it right in front of the shop that had the materials.

Only…. I wasn’t sure which shop it was, only the block. Oh, one more thing… I asked for a meter that had time on it ’cause I didn’t have any change.

EFFECT: I hit downtown, straight to the block where I might find what I was looking for. Although, I didn’t WORRY about the parking space.

I passed the block where I thought the store was and BEHOLD! …No spaces. So, I drove around the block, cultivating my faith that a space would appear. I KNEW it would.

As I went around the block for a second time, I curiously looked down the street that I went down before… AND THERE IT WAS. Suddenly, an empty spot, right in the middle of the block.

Now, those of you who have been to Downtown LA, know that spots are impossible.

I immediately SQUEALED into the spot and went the meter. On it was 5 minutes left. FREE PARKING, THANK YOU.  And facing my car, was the store where I’d find what I needed. And what I needed was RIGHT OUT FRONT. Red Fleece for the costume.

A man was standing there, scissors in hand as if waiting for me. He cut the fleece, I handed him the dough and I was back in my car in less that 2 minutes flat.

I was on the freeway going back home before I realized all the small events that occurred thanks to the Infinite.

This is not coincidence. Ask, don’t doubt, and you shall RECEIVE.