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Fireball drives the 2015 KIA SOUL EV for a week… Wait, did you hear that?


I doubt it… This is an electric car and one helluva fun ride…

A week in this Caribbean Blue 2015 KIA SOUL EV went by way too fast. I’m not sure what it is, but when you drive an EV, you just want to go everywhere quick. Maybe it’s because you can’t actually believe that you’re in an electric car or you’re convinced that if you hammer it home, you’ll actually hear something other than wind noise. But… you don’t. And it’s just plain fun… again.


I like the design of the car. It’s simple, boxy, funky and young looking. I got about a 92mile charge and for Malibu, that’s pretty much driving all day and coming back with about 40 miles left. But again, it’s fun and you want everyone to know that you’re driving it. “Hey, did you know this is an EV? Check it out!”

The car is about $36K, so it’s not for the empty pocket crowd and students, unless Dad’s gonna pony up the dough, but it is for the 20somethings that are doing their thing and greenen the planet while they do. Tons of room if you want to camp… close by. Tons of seats for your friends to go with you to Concerts… close by, and enough doodads and doohickies inside to keep you totally distracted. But don’t be, otherwise you’ll end up in the pokie and not be driving your EV. Up to you, though.

Ooo, it’ so cute you’re gonna wanna let it sleep in your bed with you.



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If Hyundai was Karate, it would be the 2015 HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE 3.8

Ok, so there are only three official Pony Cars in the world, right? Chrysler, Chevy and Ford. But since cars are made everywhere now, what really makes something American, Italian or in this case, Korean? Aren’t we all Earthlings? No? Well, let’s take a closer look at this week’s RIDE OF THE WEEK…

On the street today we have this blue bomber, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8. It’s about $34K, 19mpg and did I say… a screaming Mimi Blue? And, it’s from that little country next to those guys who want to blow up the world, so there’s that. Oh, and it has 348hp. Wait… did I read that right? 348hp!!! (Actually, I just wrote that, so of course I read it, duh.) But my point is… this thing hauls ass. (Am I allowed to mention animals?) Whatever.. here’s my other point… READ ON…

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If @HYUNDAI was Karate, it would be this 2015 Genesis Coupe 3.8…


Ok, so there are only three official Pony Cars in the world, right? Chrysler, Chevy and Ford. But since cars are made everywhere now, what really makes something American, Italian or in this case, Korean? Aren’t we all Earthlings? No? Well, let’s take a closer look at this week’s RIDE OF THE WEEK… MORE…

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Fireball drives the 2015 MINI Cooper S…


Strictly design here, so if you want horsepower, go read 10 million other blogs.

A few weeks back I had the MINI Cooper S for a week. I expected it to be a lot different than the ’02 I used to have, but it’s actually very similar yet extremely refined. The design is, although bigger, muscular and with a great fit and finish. I mean awesome.

The potential for this car is huge with very little money, starting with springs, CAI, exhaust and a few other bolt-ons. You can have a lot of fun, plus it’s nimble moves make you eager to push the envelope. Surprised a few Vdubs I was following on Mulholland here in Malibu. They tried to lose me, but that wasn’t happening.

The interior is much bigger and my wife doesn’t have to take her shoes off to get in the back. (Go figure). But it’s one CON is the START-STOP function. The engine start is loud and every time you hit a light, it does it. Clunky. I’ve driven many cars with this feature and BMWs and MINIs need to refine this more.

But all in all, it’s a whiptastic car with tremendous potential. Great design, classic yet futuristic.

Go get one NOW. I’ll wait.

DSC00021 DSC00025 DSC00031

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Fireball drives the 2014 HYUNDAI SANTA FE LTD… @hyundai #suv @hyundaisa @hyundaiesp @hyundaiindia


There are things that SUVs are supposed to be. Roomy, comfortable, economical, cozy, blah, blah, blah…. But there are things also that SUVs are NOT supposed to be. Fast, agile, fast, nimble… and fast.

Then there’s the 2014 HYUNDAI SANTA FE LTD. Now, if you were to go out and buy a Porsche Cayenne for $100K, you’d expect to get something fast and powerful. But under the hood of this 5-Passenger Hyundai is a sleeper 290hp motor that feels more like 390. Maybe it’s because it’s unexpected and a rather calm design. No hood scoops, no flares, no super low profile tires, no rumble. Just a 25mpg/hwy motor and clean acceleration that when you need power, it seems to know it.

When you need something fast… like for when your Mother-In-Law asks you to come over because she has a “question.” You’ll want to get out of town quick. Or maybe you get hit in the jewels during soccer practice on the men’s league and no one brought Tylenol. Or… how about Aliens have landed and they’re asking for volunteers for an experiment… involving some sort of lubrication? Yes, I’m outta here and I’d be wanting to be driving this Hyundai. Let them grab the ppl in the Porsches.

Ok, so it’s fast. Let’s discuss roominess…

Like… it’s so big in the back that you could fit your entire Battleship model collection, including 1 Aircraft Carrier. So cavernous that your Pickle business will fulfill every order to local LA Delis. So abundantly open that Boba Fett and Darth himself could wrangle a Gin game and invite the entire Red5 squadron to watch. (Not that they would…) But alas, you get my drift and where I’m going.

Wait. Where AM I going?

Oh, yes. The 2014 Hyundai Santa FE LTD has a lot of letters in it. Very few of which I can figure out, but as an SUV in today’s market, it rocks. You’ll look good as your Mom-In-Law disappears in the rear view mirror. Unless, she’s got keys to a new house for you guys to which,… she rocks too.

Check out the pix, and then go to Hyundai and build one yourself. I won’t tell your MIL when she finally gets here.

HyundaiSantaFe2 HyundaiSantaFe3

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Fireball drives THE 2014 KIA SOUL… and get #funky #kiasoul @kia


Although I’ve driven many small cars, there are a few who would fall into the category as, although small, don’t feel like it. Not that it feels big, it just feels… unique. The 2014 KIA SOUL is its own breed of car. Boxy, square, bulbous, angular and just plain funky. And I like funky.

Sure, you get eyeballs when you drive a Lambo, but when you’re in a Soul, getting eyeballs becomes secondary. Or tertiary as the case may be. You just feel secure, edgy and on the go in the Soul. You can park anywhere, zip anywhere and all you have to do is make a choice. Choose to have fun.

Sometimes in life, you don’t feel like you have a choice. Things you HAVE to do. But, as you begin to see things in a new light, you realize that in those “have to do” things, you still have choices. You can choose HOW you do them. The Soul helps. It makes going to the store to buy grub fun. Pick up the laundry? Fun. Grabs the kids, take them to band practice, chess club, geek show and feeding the ducks? All fun.

I call it a FUN-ky car. And you will too, especially in being able to get one for about $15K. Kinda ridiculous how they can do that. And at 29mpg, the ridiculousness gets just plain silly.

Now, you could read a lot more reviews on this car, or you could just shut the heck up and drive one. And I guarantee that if you do, you’ll pick a flavor and start having fun. Sure, going to the dentist is no fun… but eating ice cream by the butt-load is pretty dang awesome afterwards. And taking a Soul for Ice Cream transcends silly. It’s just downright Funky…

2014-04-02_13-49-24_955 2014-04-02_13-51-00_631 2014-04-02_13-52-43_329

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Fireball drives the 2014 KIA FORTE EX… @kia @kia_motors #kia #kiaforte #kiareview


When I was a kid, I didn’t have too many choices in cars. Not because there weren’t that many, but simply because I had only 1 weekend to find wheels. It was high school and it was 1981…

I settled on the first car I found which was a four-door 1977 VW Dasher in lemon yellow. It was a beater, but it hauled ass. It even looked like a lemon. But today, kids have a world of choices and those cars are very serious machines. It’s totally common to have heated seats, cruise control, smartphone links and a partridge in a pear tree. It blows my mind.

After a week in the 2014 KIA FORTE EX, it was clear to me that Kia knows how to build cars. Solid a a rock, stable, safe and with a design language that’s subtle yet consistent across all their models. It’s not a track car, race car, rocket or anything close to a speed demon. But what it is, is a car you’d want to put your kids in and know that they’re secure when they go off the college, or to pick up your dry cleaning… as they should..

Everything is well placed and thought out. It’s masculine, yet in a soft and strong blend. But,… it’s also a happy car, so here’s my point…

The Kia Forte exudes a positive nature. It helps for it to be in Abyss Blue, but the design just makes you feel positive about things. How it does this, I haven’t fully worked out yet, but every time I got into the car I felt like I was about to do something really fun. And you know, it made doing the most humdrum things actually fun. Maybe it was the state of mind it put me in by my not being able to nit-pick design flaws or maybe it had a secret wellness compartment that I missed.

Who cares.

I always look forward to when a Kias shows up at my door because it means I’ll be able to concentrate on good things. And this, for me, says a lot about a company. I think that if I went to the top for a meeting, I’d find Mr. Kia playing video games or marbles, waiting for me.

The Forte boasts 28mpg average with the highway mileage up to 36. That saves you about $2K over five years in fuel costs. Pretty good for a car I can plunk into for around $16K. And the EX pumps about 173hp, so that’s enough get-up-and-go to help your kids get back to school, but not enough to get them into trouble.

Secure. That seems to be the motif for Kia. And that is certainly what everyone wants… Unless they want it in red…

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FAST & FURIOUS 6… Everything a movie is supposed to be and MORE…


Ok, so with that said… why do I really need to mention more?

Easy, …there’s a reason that movies work and why they don’t. Some filmmakers know this and some… don’t. You know who they are and you have to at least give them effort for trying. But as you know, there are a million ways to kill a movie in Hollywood from the writing to the editing… and everything in between.

But Director Justin Lin knows how to make a film. Never mind that the final scene was shot on a 20 mile long runway. He didn’t try to get away with it but wanted to help you grasp more. Never mind that the stunts, jumps, chases and crashes were completely unreal because he was simply trying to get you to remember what it was like when you pulled out your hot wheels as a kid and did THE THING.

No stone was unturned with Lin and his crew. They knew how to bring you into a film and keep you there, but not because of the CRASHES, ACTION and HOOPLA. He knews how to do this because of the basics. The MOST IMPORTANT parts of a film.

What’s that?

The People.  We have to relate to the people. Heroes we want to be. Strength we hope to have. Lines we wish to come up with in just that moment. The people is THE SCRIPT… and keeping it solid throughout filming no matter what the studio said to cut.

Each character, you liked. Even the bad guy SHAW. You hated him because he was so smart and drove a wicked 4-wheel steering F1 Race Car that scooped other cars into the air. He thought of that and you’re jealous because you want one. HOBB’S (Dwayne’s Johnson) arms were so huge that it just made you laugh until… they brought out someone even BIGGER that dropped your jaw. And Dwayne just smirked. His reactions were laser pointed.

The Furious Team was all about family, taking them on an adventure that finally landed them in a place that was completely unexpected. 1327. What’s that? Oh, no… not from me.

And then… when the film was over, Lin threw one last thing in that rocked your world upside down, bringing in someone completely unexpected and opening the gates of hell. Who was it? Oh, no… not even gonna go there.

FAST & FURIOUS 6 is for those who haven’t lost their sense of humor in going to the movies. Those that realize that to criticize is to infect the very soul of their own good. This is a FUN film with characters, lines, situations and cars that just keep coming in completely unrealistic scenarios. Pushing the limits of creativity and dynamics. Clear on what entertainment is supposed to be. It’s the best one yet…

And now, FF7 is heading to Dubai, but with a different Director. Let’s hope Lin is at least available for some advice.

Fireball cruises the 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO: Review


Have you ever had a truck? Seems like a pretty straight forward question…, but unless you’ve actually owned one, it’s hard to imagine just what it feels like to live a life that requires one.

Sure, the gas mileage isn’t so good as a Prius, but hauling wood around in a Prius would be… weird. (Although I have seen people do it.) But a truck is a truck for a reason. It’s practical for all the purposes you’d think, but there are a few that you might find surprising. And that’s what I felt after I drove this 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO Crew Cab 4WD for a week.


I don’t haul wood. I don’t carry sheep. I don’t lay sand bags or have an ATV. But what I do like to do is have fun. And I do A LOT of that. In a world of “green,” it seems strange to buy a big truck, but if you go a bit deeper into your mind, you’ll see that your world isn’t necessarily supposed to be practical. You’re actually supposed to LIVE. And to live… means to bring JOY.

JOY is achieved not by doing things, but by BEING a certain way. Looking at the world in a certain way. You could say that if you live IN joy, more joy comes. And in a funny sort of beefy way, that’s exactly what this 5.3L V8 Vortec’d beast does.

It keeps you in a state of joy for a number of reasons. Because it’s high, you can see the world and not be buried in it. It seats 5 comfortably for long hauls to bring friends. And, because it’s a truck, you can stop, pop a squat and enjoy the view from your own private deck. A deck big enough for two massive CockerPoos, in my case.

There are only a few things we REALLY want in life. Love, Joy, Peace, Health, Prosperity. And this is the kind of vehicle that helps you find it. It’s a 315hp/ 335lb.ft torque vehicle of ACTION. …A tool you use, not to do things… but to BE something.



I can’t say that about a Prius, but of course it has its purpose also. But the 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO just makes you feel present and slightly “floated” above the world. Shifting your perspective about what’s possible for the day… as opposed to what you may HAVE to do.

It can also haul anything at about 1600lbs, so I’ll be heading to the nearest SEE’S Candy store soon…

Chevrolet Silverado 1 Chevrolet-Silverado_2014_800x600_wallpaper_0e  DSC04884  DSC04897 DSC04898 DSC04899  DSC04901 DSC04904 DSC04905 Silverado