This RIDDICK Motion Comic Movie is badass as it gets…


Check out this great motion comic movie promoting the new RIDDICK film from David Twohy…

Riddick Official Motion Comic – Blindsided… by teasertrailer

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Justice League, Lone Ranger 2 & Posters


Christian Bale WILL NOT be Batman in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. I fact, they haven’t even called him. As Raz Agul says… “IN… justice.”

Armie Hammer is already on board LONE RANGER 2. I think he could use a pup sidekick this time named lassie. Thoughts?

• Will MAN OF STEEL gross $700M? WB thinks so. It better, or I won’t be able to afford that SuperBugatti i just put on layaway. (Oh, don’t freak. It’s not for me, but for my wife to head to the gym in.)

WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie pressing forward. Now, that’s an idea! A Video Game turned into a movie ’cause no one’s done that! So sweet!!!!!



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WATCH! New RIDDICK Trailer is really long, and REALY familiar…


Hmf. Feels like I’m watching PITCH BLACK all over again… and ALL of it. We’ll have to see about this one.

New RIDDICK image with Vin… sitting

Wow! C’mon, is this the best they can do on RIDDICK for now? Vin, sitting? Ok, then. What I’d REALLY like to see him do is stand next. THAT would be awesome!!


SHOTS FROM THE SET: Riddick and Good Day to Die Hard

Crazy amount of action going on in Hollywood right now. Why? Because you guys want it. Case in point? AVENGERS. So much action that my head nearly blew off. In fact, it could have used a bit more story to secure emotion to the characters,… but hey, like what do I know since the movie made TRILLIONS on its first day. Ok… head explosion time.


RIDDICK flies on set…

This shot recently from the set of the 3rd installment of the Vin Diesel franchise, RIDDICK will have some action… duh. As long as it’s more PITCH BLACK and less CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. Too much isn’t necessarily a good thing.

This, and a little concept art I did from he first film…

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RIDDICK Concept Art surfaces…

I seriously hope this is better than the 2nd one, but it seems director David Twohy is scaling down for a more “Pitch Black” approach. looking good so far, Mr. Twohy…