Fireball’s Daily Sketch… MINI BEZERKER


This MINI BEZERKER was done for Ridemakerz, although once again, a little to scary for them. Below is what we did as the SHOCKWAVE.


SNAP! Ridemakerz Grand Opening HITS BIG!!

Wow, what an explosive event! Ridemakerz pulled no punches on this one with a spectacular display of the coolest buildable rides possible. Chip and I got to hang with the real stars… the kids! And they built some of the greatest looking cars ever.

There was so much activity that you literally didn’t know where to turn next! It was all out NUTS!!! And the folks of Disney did such a great job of support that everything went smooth as can be. Thanks guys!!

We had fantastic visits from BIG BROTHERS AND BIG SISTERS of Orange County, Don Dixon from AutoTrader Classics, Robert Cannon from AUTONET-TV, Uncle Joe Benson from KLOS, Don Burnside from WHITE ROOF RADIO and tons of Disney Family Fans!

Sunday is FATHER’S DAY Buy One, Get One Free! I’ll be there again with the Chipmeister and we’ll be hangin’ to build rides with Pops! See you all then!!

Photos by John Faulkner

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Ridemakerz Event Photos…

Met a huge amount of people (and kids!) at this great event. All very excited about the new Ridemakerz store in Orlando. If you didn’t know this, Ridemakerz comes from the people who created “Build A Bear,” only this time it’s cars!

But this is just the beginning. In June, Ridemakerz will be doing ANOTHER Grand Opening in Downtown Disney, Anaheim!!! And you gotta be at this one! Subscribe here for the new announcements coming, but June will be a crazy month with the HB Concours as well.

If you came to Orlando, you can collect your photo via Flickr here. Tons of cool shots!

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Ridemakerz makes a BIG splash at Disney World…

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Fireball heads to Orlando for RIDEMAKERZ…

Very excited about this. Heading to Orlando, Florida next week for the Grand Opening of RIDEMAKERZ new store at Disney World. Chip Foose and I will be bringing some cool cars (including the Street Tuner Challenge MINI!) to be placed inside the store. Plus, we’ll be on hand to hang, do some signings and build cars with all who show up for the festivities.

I’ll be there Thursday (25th) and Friday (26th). Come by and hang with us, build your own Ridemakerz RC Car and check out all the cool cars inside!

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