What’s it like to drive a 2007 BMW Z4?

There I was, minding my own my business in Cross Creek Park, when my wife and I spotted an old friend of ours named Noelle. 

Now, we’ve known Noelle for many years, but we never knew that she was married to the one and only Coach Robert Radnoti of Pepperdine University… and that he had a cool car, to boot.

So, me being the ultimate car guy, I decided to whip this into shape for this week’s Ride of the Week.

Actually, it was Robert who approached me and mentioned that he had a cool 2007 BMW Z4 M-Series. And as Head Coach of Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field at Pepperdine University, Robert consistently gets the opportunity to drive through Malibu with the top down. 

We set a time and met up at the Pepperdine lawn for a shoot. And this is where the story began. 

“I got it in 2007 at Steve Thomas BMW,” started Coach Robert. “Interestingly, I traded in my red Z3 for this car and the clincher was that Steve Thomas came in toward the end of the negotiation and asked if I was satisfied. I told told him that I wasn’t and disappointed in the trade in value, so he thought for a moment and made a deal with me increasing the trade-in by half of what I wanted but agreeing to donate the car to Camarillo High School for auction to help pay for the prom. I agreed and felt really good about the experience. Since then I’ve always bought my BMW’s from Steve Thomas.”

As you know, the Z4 M-Coupe produces an exhilarating driving experience with lightning fast acceleration. Its 3.2-liter straight six engine delivers 330 horsepower; way up at 7,900rpm and 262 lb-ft. of torque at 4,900rpm. 

That’s a whopping 0-60mph time of 4.9 seconds, according to BMW. But I’d find it hard to remember all that as my hair was being blown in a freak windstorm and my flapping gums expanded my silly grin while driving. It’s enough to know that you’ll be spending a few hours at Cie Sparks Salon. 

But Coach Robert went on. 

“I had gotten a Z3 when I turned 40 and always say I won it in the stock market,” he said. “I made a deal for myself to make the cost of the car in one month in the stock market with $100,000 (I was between houses and had the money in the bank). I was day trading because it was so lucrative at that point. I made the cost and bought it. So, when it came to buy another new car, I simply upgraded to the Z4 M, and of course, it had to be red.”

Robert’s favorite thing to do with this ride is drive through winding roads with the top down while playing Aerosmith or some classic rock. Warm outside, and no shirt on. That’s one helluva visual. But he really just drives the short distance to Pepperdine. 

“It’s really about freedom,” he said. “I love to drive with the top down and feel the warm Malibu air and smell the sweetness of the Pacific Ocean.”

I got a chance to talk with Robert a bit on my show and he mentioned that Gratitude is a big part of his coaching strategy at Pepperdine. And as we know here in Malibu, the secret to any great success is exactly that. But his best short story goes like this: “Since I coach Cross Country and Track, there are often times when I must haul large boxes for meets or practices,” he said. “So, sometimes I’m driving around with the top down holding onto stacked boxes and hoping I don’t lose anything.”

With all of this tooling around Malibu in a BMW, it makes sense that Coach Radnoti’s favorite movie car is James Bond’s BMW Z8 from “The World Is Not Enough.” I’m sure Malibuite Pierce Brosnan would love to hear that (or maybe not, since his car got cut in half).

Robert is hoping to get a new BMW i8 one day, so expect to hear the echoed sound of Aerosmith permeating the hills of our little town and just scream along. If he stops, then maybe you can help out with his boxes. 

Thanks Coach Radnoti for an awesome time! Watch Vlog 158 on YT to see us doin’ our thing ar http://www.youtube.com/fireballtim