ROBOCOP International Trailer brings the human element to the Robot… #robocop #robot

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ROBOCOP Trailer 2 hits like a rat-a-tat-tat… #robocop @robocop

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Click. Open. Boom. Dead. Suit. Wake-up. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!! Sounds good.


Today’s POSTERS… Ender’s Game & RoboCop

enders_game_ver1 (Read on…)

Robocop’s OMNICORP goes viral… #robocop #robot #future


Some great web stuff coming out for the new ROBOCOP. Robotics, Weapons… the usual thing we all need to make life fun. Check it out…




ACTION MOVIEBITS… Lego Casino Royale Trailer, Jupiter Ascending, ROBOCOP

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Some crazy costumes from the Wachowski’s new movie JUPITER ASCENDING…





Set shots from the new ROBOCOP…






More Costume details from ROBOCOP…

If details like this keep showing up, the movie may not have too many secrets left. But so far, the designs keep coming and the black-ness is starting to grow on me. What do you guys think?

On Set with ROBOCOP reveals more cool cars + Vid…

On set in Toronto filming, ROBOCOP will be skirting the streets with more than just his bike. Can you identify the cop cars? I knew that you could. Check out the full gallery, then watch the vid!

First look! ROBOCOP’s Bike unmasked… UPDATED!

Yup, it’s a bike. But like Robocop’s new design, it isn’t all that fresh. Kinda just looks a cool bike, that’s for sure. But maybe that’s the look they’re going for? Not too far future, but… well, black. Not to mention that Robocop had a Taurus in the last movie and that was lame-o, so this is definitely a step up. But if this were my concept, I would have broken up the black with gun metal and less round forms. This is the “age of edge,” dood. Get on it. “Stand back, citizen!”

What do you think of the design?


ROBOCOP from the Set!

Ok, so I guess this Robocop dood actually DID go to BatFashions on Rodeo this last year to get his suit. Too bad, ’cause I was hoping for something a little more… well, robotic. Kinda like the Honda self walking robot dood. Or maybe a wee Robby the Robot mixed with C-3PO and a tad of Sleeper. Now THAT would be awesome, right???

Anywho, from the set of ROBOCOP comes a few shots that reveal… well, not much. He is standing around and… well, basically just standing around. Let’s hope there’s a wee more action, shall we? Until then, let’s all go get Ice Cream!!

Ok, now I’m being serious. We need to go. Like, right now.

The new ROBOCOP is revealed!

ComingSoon shot these on set of the new ROBOCOP as filming began recently. Not sure if there will be a CG overlay of his suit because he looks a bit Batman-ish, but rest assured, it should be cool… More coming.