Classic Copper Cruiser – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 175

Today‚Äôs Episode : After heading to the set of the upcoming film “MASCOTS,” Fireball hits Picture Car Warehouse for cool Movie Cars. Then some dog time…



BUG & SAMMY take a #Beach Break… #MarinaDelRey #DogsOntheBeach #Puppy #Pooch #Dog


My dogs, BUG & SAMMY love the beach. But being little, the waves can be enormous. So, sometimes we take them to Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey where there’s no waves and just water. Now, technically, they aren’t aloud on the beach, so I’m breaking the law. Bummer.

But on off season in the morning, there’s no lifeguard and no one around, so it’s play time. The sheer joy on their lil’ faces is enough to risk it.

Bug&Sammy_FireballTim Bug&Sammy_FireballTim Bug&Sammy_FireballTim

The phases of SAMMY… #dogs #cockerpoo #pets


Sammy is a Cocker Poo. You may not know it when she looks into your eyes and mental telepathizes you into doing things. You’d swear she’s got a hold on you… and you’ll do just about anything.

But sometimes… just sometimes, we get the upper hand. Like a hair cut. Well, at least you THINK you’re getting the upper hand when suddenly WHAM! You’re at the beach playing ball and you have no idea how you got there! DANGIT!!! Check it out…

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This just in! Cockerpoos kill PILLOW…

Poor pillow. What did he do to deserve this?

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Sammy & Bug head to SAN FRAN…




…And for a first trip, Sammy and Bug were excited. At only 5 months old, they were eager to experience San Francisco and the car scene. Some good, some seriously wrong.

In order from above, I grabbed the pups in the early dawn and we headed up the coast to the City By The Bay. 6 hours. Stopping briefly at the pooches favorite food shop, Subway. Piled high.

Once arriving, as always, Kathie wanted to find the water. And since SF is… like ALL water, that wasn’t hard. (Not to mention we’ve been here about 300 times!) BUT, for the pups, it was their first time! And man, were THEY excited. …And the views did not disappoint.

Can you identify the gold car? Take a chance and post the answer below. It’s about as wrong as it gets…. You may get a gold star?

We met up with our son, Sean, who just moved to SF and is working for Starbucks. Yes, free coffee, yo. And lots of it!! We hung with him, downed a triple espresso, and took the pups on tour in Kathie’s new favorite ride, the TOYOTA FJ CRUISER. The ride rocks! I’d recommend it highly as a great long distance traveler. We rented this one, but she’s hot doggin’ for a black one coming soon. But, for anyone in the market to buy, ALWAYS rent first. It’s the best way to make sure that the thousands are well spent.

We head into Sausalito to see some cool rides, just soakin’ in the sun, then off to ESCAPE FROM LA PIZZA. Best in town,… and a good title. No Alcatraz this time, doggies not allowed as they may mess up the pen.

One more time past the Golden Gate and to the beach and we were done. 4 days. The pooches were depooched as we got home. And it was nighty night, doggies. Sleeping and dreaming of Twin Turbo’d Z Cars smokin’ Ferraris….

Why do we make money? Why do we work so hard? Why do we waste our time dreaming? … To enjoy life, you have to step up to the plate. And say that you did the things you always wished you could do. And found a way…

Don’t wait ’til it’s too late…

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