Ok, so… here we come to SAN DIEGO!! Read the Press Release here…

What’s goin’ on this week? Zoiks!!

Holy shmoly… crazy time has ensued. And because Monday starts a level of insanity only compared with a bubble bath party thrown by The Hof, … on Mars, I’m headin’ to the Malibu Farmer’s Market today to chill and have some eats. BUT!

More and more fun stuff is being planned for this year’s SAN DIEGO AUTO SHOW with a LIVE Pinstriping by Jeff Styles. Heading down there on Tuesday for a powwow. And on the way back? Oh, oh… a meeting with the doods of The RCX Show. Toys and more toys… Oh, oh, oh… did I mention I’m driving a 2012 CAMARO that we’re filming next weekend for the next RIDE ALONG episode? Oh, oh… and have a potential for the new kid’s book I just finished called Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of WACKY RIDES! Meeting on Wednesday. Then, it’s Thanksgiving on Thursday, where I… have to eat. But that will be cool, because I’m brinin’ the dessert. (And that’s all I really care about, anyway.)

Oh, Oh… I almost forgot that I have to have coffee now… Bye.

Updated: Hollywood Garage featuring 14 vehicles for San Diego

The San Diego Auto Show is shaping up to be an exciting event…

Along with the DragChairs, the list now stands at 14 vehicles including the Starsky and Hutch Torino, General Lee, Herbie, a top secret James Bond Car, Towmater, Smokey and Bandit TA, Back to the Future DeLorean, KITT, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, The Vision SZR Concept Car from the show Ride Along, The Lifetime Oil Filter Custom Van, King Tahoe, The Transformer’s Camaro and one other TBD.


It’s OFFICIAL! Hollywood Garage @ San Diego Auto Show…

If you haven’t heard, it’s official. Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage will be at The 2012 San Diego Auto Show. But… not just any ol’ booth, mind you. FTHG will be over 100 feet long and with about 14 vehicles in between Ford and Porsche!! And we’re gonna have some super cool movie cars!

We’ll be filming LIVE from the show with the DragChairs, swag and the awesome Lifetime Oil Filter. And with 800,000 in attendance, we’re gonna change the world one filter at a time.

So JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE for details and come see us. We’re also featuring KING TAHOE and some booth babes. Oh! And I’m bringin’ chocolate… So, there.