Ok, listen up Coffee Lovers… #coffee #give #giving #joy @sarkisiancoffee


If you haven’t figured life out yet, here’s the TIP of all TIPS…

In order to get, you have to GIVE FIRST. And here’s a perfect example…

A while back, the store here in the Bu where I get my favorite home blend coffee stopped selling it. It was Chocolate Macadamia by Sarkisian Coffee. So, instead of trying to find another store, I decided to find the company itself. And lo-and-behold, the awesome power-fuel was owned by none other than Debra Sarkisian in Big Bear, California. Boom.

So I ordered 4 bags and waited in anticipation, only to have my dream juice delivered to my doorstep. But… along with it came a personal thank you note. It made me realize that the products you buy in the stores are sometimes not big manufacturers, but people in small places making great things.

Today, when I received another 4 bags, I was also overjoyed that Debra put in a small coffee candle at no charge. Simply to say thanks for the order.

People struggle with many things in their lives. But the answer to struggle isn’t MORE struggle. It’s peace. If you want more joy, peace, love, happiness… you have to GIVE those things first. You have to THINK those things. You have to have faith that they’ll come to you, despite what you may see. The truth isn’t in what you see with your eyes. It’s what you feel in your heart.

The world isn’t a bad place. It can be better. Even by giving small gifts. A smile. A compliment. A small candle. (I put it right next to my 1893 Chicago World’s Fair Cup.)

Thanks, Debra. The world is a better place because of people like you. And now… it’s time to enjoy some of your awesome coffee. HE SHOOTS, SWISH! AND THAT’S THE GAME!!!!