Create a Ruckus & Fight #Dinosaurs with the ultimate JURASSIC PARK #Scooter… @jurassicparkiv @colintrevorrow @JurassicPark_4


So here it us, the ultimate Dino Fighting Machine. You think a Hummer or a Ford Explorer is gonna save you from Raptors and a salivating T-Rex? You couldn’t be more wrong.

What you need is what my Hawaiian friend Jarrod Lofy has just built. He calls it THE JURASSIC PARK RUCKUS #14. I’m assuming the other 13 were eaten at some point, but Jarrod’s creation is surely the vehicle of choice for dealing with flesh eaters. It would be mine…

Jarrod’s a computer science major at The University of Hawaii Manoa by day and drives this everyday since he only has to fill it up once a week for $5. Ok, so dealing with Dinosaurs on this bike is CHEAP and that’s good when you’re being chased past Gas Stations and don’t want to have to stop, yo. It’s a 50cc Honda Ruckus that hits 55mph and gets 100mpg!

Jarrod’s Facebook Page is here…, and his build pics will be on his Tumblr as well… FRIEND HIM UP!
“I chose Jurassic Park since I have been in love with the movie since I saw it as a kid,” He says. “I just remember seeing the T-Rex come on the screen for the first time and it captured my imagination like nothing else since has.”
If you read this, Mr. Trevorrow… it might be good to add a chase scene in something other than a Jeep. Been there, done that. Ruckus VS Dinosaur. I see JP5 coming soon.
  JP14Ruckus3 JP14Ruckus4 JP14Ruckus5 JP14Ruckus6

New Images: DREDD, SKYFALL and VADERscooter?

Yes, these are shots from the new DREDD with Karl Urban, Mr. Bond himself from SKYFALL and the all new STAR WARS. Officially titled, “Star Wars: Vader Gets His Scoot On.”

Now, what’s the synopsis for SW:VGHSO? Um… that would be… from the official Press Release…

“Lord Vader strikes a blow to the Rebellion by infiltrating bases across the galaxy in a new mass destructive weapon known only as the Skutr. And he’s really pissed this time”.

Sounds scary if you ask me. Lucasfilm declined to comment. Typical. 😉