CHIP FOOSE on the Vlog – FMV287

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 287! Fireball heads to WIKD Kustoms to check on the SEMA Packard, then to the shop of Master Builder CHIP FOOSE for cool cars. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


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Spraying Sparks on a SEMA Build – FMV274

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 274! Fireball heads to Huntington Beach to meet up with Ken Vela & Genevieve Chappell at WIKD Kustoms to work on the SEMA Packard. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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SEMA Project Search Begins – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 191

Today’s Episode : Fireball and Ken Vela head to Picture Car Warehouse to begin their search for a 2016 SEMA Project Vehicle. Meanwhile, Kathie starts a Wedding Dress.


SEMA Day3 Gets Gorgeous – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 172

Today’s Episode : Day 3 at SEMA Las Vegas reveals more amazing cars, SEMAHotties, GAS’s Mad Mike, Meguiar’s Mike Pennington & off to the Venetian.


Tailing Nissan Skyline to Vegas – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 169


VEGAS parting shots… Goodbyeeee SEMA and onto more Coolness… #SEMA #LasVegas #CarShow #Bellagio #Paris #


A very awesome experience for this year at SEMA and Las Vegas… The highlights??

Connor Hubbard (Center) met Johnny Depp, we saw Hostess Wendy Williams, A SEMA Jeep crashed into a SEMA Ferrari, we ate too much Chocolate Cake, Bellagio Fountains are awesome, SEMA is waaaaayyyy too big, Food Trucks take 1/2 hour for a Taco, Getting lost can lead to Divine intervention, A/C can turn you into a dried pickle, Craps leads to Crap, shopping for candy at midnight is awesome, Hyundai’s are cool, locking yourself out of your room is not so fun.

Boom. Looking forward to SEMA 2015!!

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The ROAD 2 #VEGAS is Cool Cars, no traffic & Solar awesome… #SEMAShow #LasVegas


Every time I head out to Vegas, I see growth. Things that weren’t there before, like this Solar Array Station. Amazing. The Future is here…

But there were also cool cars headed to SEMA. And that… is WLA. (Whole Level Awesome.) Road2Vegas_FireballTim Road2Vegas_FireballTim 2014-11-03_17-06-09_360

Monday Bringeth the SEMA…eth… #SEMAShow #LasVegas #Filming #5MinuteDrive #HubbFilters #VegasBaby #TheStrip @Hyundai


Monday, I’ma headin’ out to Vegas thanks to the boys of HYUNDAI with the new 2015 Genesis. It’s time for the world famous SEMA SHOW and I’ll be there with my good buddy Christopher Hubbard for HUBB FILTERS.

Not only will I be shooting an episode in the Genesis with Senor Hubb, we’ll be doing a few other from inside SEMA, interviewing Celebs as we walk, 1 Minute at a time! So… you could say that it’s 1MINUTE DRIVES in Vegas while we WALK with Cool Peeps. (I still have to drive THERE, right?)


The Best of SEMA… so far… @sema #sema2013 #transformers

SEMA10 SEMA4 (Read on…)

SEMA Concepts head to Vegas…

Lots of cool concepts heading to Vegas this year from Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai and others… and the trend seems to be simplified. Makes me wonder when the actual look will change. It’s due. Big wheels, angry looks, intense graphics will all go the wayside. Who’s gonna come up with something so fresh that it shifts the trend? We’ll see.

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