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CONFIRMED! Barnes & Noble Calabasas WACKY SEMINAR for October… @BNBuzz #books #childrensbooks


Just in! I’ll be doing a KID’S WACKY RIDES SEMINAR at the Barnes & Noble in Calabasas on October 24th at noon. This is gonna be so cool ’cause there’s tons of kids in Calabasas and we’re gonna have some fun. It’s FREE, so bring yer lil’ squirts and let’s do it. Here’s the latest schedule so far…


19th- Bank of Books– Pt Dume Malibu 10:30am

24thBarnes & Noble/ Calabasas 12noon

30th- BIG Wednesday/ World Class Motoring/ Agoura Hills 6pm


9th- Barnes & Noble/ Marina Del Rey/ 11:30am

23rd- Spectrum Club/ Pacific Palisades/ 9am


Malibu’s Webster Elementary Wacky Week/ Dates TBD

14th- Barnes & Noble/ Manhattan Beach/ 11:30am


Fireball Seminar at THE APPLE STORE…

Wow, so the folks at the Apple Store in Santa Monica asked me to come down and do a Seminar about how we use Apple products to design here at FTE. Sounds like fun, eh? I’ll get a chance to hang with you guys and talk cars and movies. Does it get any better?

Join the FACEBOOK PAGE! Come on down. There’ll be free t-shirts and all kindsa surprises.

A day for the BOOKS…

dvd-high-speedWoke up about 5am to the sounds of sirens coming up my street. Plopped themselves right next door at friend, Jeff Jensen’s house. You know Jeff? We interviewed him on THCS months ago. Remember his story about being a Stuntman/Director¬† for the last 30 years? “Fall down, pick up check.” Well, after 17 surgerys on his know, he broke his own record. Now it’s 18. Poor guy, he was in severe pain.

After helping the paramedics with getting him down 3 fleights of stairs, we loaded him into the ambulance. This guy is tough, but breaking a femur is serious, and he did a great job. They took good care of him. For support, send you wishes to THCS blog posts and we’ll forward them on to him.

In the afternoon, I had lunch with my Pop and his buddy, Harold Gould. Who’s Harold Gould? Old time actor with a credit list a mile long. Funny guy. Then, I was off to give a Seminar at Ventura College.

Big thanks to Barbara Harvey for setting up the Seminar with the students. They were awesome.