Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book LAUNCHES!!!!!

It’s official! The Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book has been released! 20 amazing species, a very intense Shark Maze and full of FACTS! Color, Learn, REPEAT!!

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All-new Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book launching THURSDAY!!!

Only two days away before the Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book attacks the marketplace! But don’t worry… your kids will not only be safe with these Sharks, but they’ll learn a ton of facts about them and how important they are to our ecosystem! Plus a cool SHARK MAZE and SCALE CHART!!

Coming first thing Thursday morning!!

9 DAYS until the SHARKS are RELEASED on AMAZON!!!!

November 1st is almost here! And soon… our SHARKS Coloring Book will be available on Amazon and in Aquariums worldwide. If you don’t see the book in an Aquarium near you, be sure to ask!

19 Sharks, 1 Shark Maze and chock fulla FACTS!

All-New Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book kicks off November 1st!!!

Only about 10 days away until the Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book hits Stores, Amazon and Aquariums! This books is very unique as it’s not just a Coloring Book, but a book on Shark facts, too! Color, Learn, Grow!

If you want this book IN your Store or Aquarium Giftshop, get your orders in early by emailing us at! But on November 1st… thee Sharks will be loose!

This is a BULL SHARK… and yes, it can swim in fresh water. Just one of the things you’ll learn in SHARKS!