Getting sick is a humbling experience… #gettingsick #flu #allisgood


Ok, so now I’ve had this viral bug for about 2 weeks now. It consists of severe headaches, coughs, big cold sweats, aches, fever and severe fatigue. What it doesn’t affect is my appetite, so that’s cool. As long as I have any energy at all, I’m gonna eat good food and that’s the life, baby.

I don’t feel like writing much either, but seeing as how my days consist of watching movies, sleeping, eating, REPEAT… I feel like Tom Cruises’ last movie minus all the guns. Another plus.

But getting sick can have some serious plus’ too. Your body gets a chance to recover, re-strengthen and get centered. You get a chance to THINK too. Contemplate the aspects of your life and how to make better choices. I always welcome any time I can think. And as a result of some serious thinking, I’ll have some serious doing coming up.

Come the 11th… it’s off the NJ, NY, Philly and DC for an exciting trip. Then back to the Bu to start a new venture with my friends at World Class Motoring. Bring it on…