A week in the 2020 CHEVY SILVERADO DBL CUSTOM TB 4WD reveals the reason that it’s STILL winning…

As you know, we here at Fireball Publishing love trucks. Then again, we like pretty much anything with 4 wheels.

But with great design always comes a little bit of silliness. And that silliness comes in the form or Car Names.

There’s no balking that the 2020 CHEVY SILVERADO is a masterful stroke of truck, but DBL Custom TB 4WD? I think I’ll just stick with Chevy Silverado…

Design cues stay the same for 2020, so for the design-side… there isn’t a lot to talk about here. Although the Individualization of Trucks is key to any market, 10 colors helps. But as always, it’s your own personal touch on the Silverado that makes it unique.

Now that isn’t to say that right out of the box it isn’t unique. It is. And it’s been a winner of a truck since it’s inception. The only argument that some may have made is that the design isn’t as successful as the previous language truck. I’m on the fence about this because this truck simply looks good.

But at just under $45K, you can pick up the previous design for about half. And it’s a GREAT looking truck. Either way, you’re gonna have a smile on your face.

NEXT CHALLENGE. Turning this 15mpg beast into an EV. It’s absolutely the next evolution and Chevy knows it. The key is to be able to convince buyers that this 2020 is the BEST for now. Hard to do when they’re revealing an Electric HUMMER on the cusp. But we know the EV Silverado is coming…

Inside, the workforce is strong in the Silverado still. Luxury mixed with a utilitarian function. It’s a home office on the road in comfort and style. But this truck is really lazer-pointed to buyers that have a lifestyle that REQUIRES a truck. Inner city, not so much. Active Lifestylers… yes.

If you just want to get around, Chevys got some sedans… but if you want to take on the world and kick some ass doing it, then this may be the vehicle for you.

And if you can’t decide exactly what to do with all your stuff… (you know, the gear you bought on a whim), then toss it in the back and you’ll LOOK like you’re going places. Silverado again, for the WIN.

Fireball cruises the 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO: Review


Have you ever had a truck? Seems like a pretty straight forward question…, but unless you’ve actually owned one, it’s hard to imagine just what it feels like to live a life that requires one.

Sure, the gas mileage isn’t so good as a Prius, but hauling wood around in a Prius would be… weird. (Although I have seen people do it.) But a truck is a truck for a reason. It’s practical for all the purposes you’d think, but there are a few that you might find surprising. And that’s what I felt after I drove this 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO Crew Cab 4WD for a week.


I don’t haul wood. I don’t carry sheep. I don’t lay sand bags or have an ATV. But what I do like to do is have fun. And I do A LOT of that. In a world of “green,” it seems strange to buy a big truck, but if you go a bit deeper into your mind, you’ll see that your world isn’t necessarily supposed to be practical. You’re actually supposed to LIVE. And to live… means to bring JOY.

JOY is achieved not by doing things, but by BEING a certain way. Looking at the world in a certain way. You could say that if you live IN joy, more joy comes. And in a funny sort of beefy way, that’s exactly what this 5.3L V8 Vortec’d beast does.

It keeps you in a state of joy for a number of reasons. Because it’s high, you can see the world and not be buried in it. It seats 5 comfortably for long hauls to bring friends. And, because it’s a truck, you can stop, pop a squat and enjoy the view from your own private deck. A deck big enough for two massive CockerPoos, in my case.

There are only a few things we REALLY want in life. Love, Joy, Peace, Health, Prosperity. And this is the kind of vehicle that helps you find it. It’s a 315hp/ 335lb.ft torque vehicle of ACTION. …A tool you use, not to do things… but to BE something.



I can’t say that about a Prius, but of course it has its purpose also. But the 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO just makes you feel present and slightly “floated” above the world. Shifting your perspective about what’s possible for the day… as opposed to what you may HAVE to do.

It can also haul anything at about 1600lbs, so I’ll be heading to the nearest SEE’S Candy store soon…


Chevrolet Silverado 1 Chevrolet-Silverado_2014_800x600_wallpaper_0e  DSC04884  DSC04897 DSC04898 DSC04899  DSC04901 DSC04904 DSC04905 Silverado