JOHN PAUL DEJORIA AT WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 764 – After an amazing Baby Shower for Fireball’s kids, Wheels and Waves in Malibu welcomes the likes of Stuntman Simon Rhee and Billionaire John Paul DeJoria.


Fireball Tim’s Wheels and Waves is March 18th in Malibu…

Fireball welcomes Coffee Sponsor MAGMOTORS and Celebrity Guest Actor/Stuntman SIMON RHEE!

Stuntman/Actor SIMON RHEE confirmed as Celeb Guest for Wheels and Waves in March…

If you don’t know the intensity, kindness and passion that is Simon Rhee… be sure to join us at WHEELS AND WAVES in MARCH.

And check out the 5MINUTE DRIVE episode that Fireball did with him several years ago in the CADILLAC ELR!

Simon Rhee is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 4th Degree Black Belt in Hap Ki Do.

He is a World-Class Martial Artist known for his beautiful kicks and incredible forms, and is a many-time Grand Champion of the tournament circuit. Karate Illustrated noted that, “Simon Rhee has the prettiest kicks, most flashiest and picturesque Martial Arts techniques in the nation”.

He is world-renowned for his kicking abilities and for his incredible forms. His pictures have graced the covers of many Martial Arts magazines, and he has been involved in the movie industry as a Martial Artist, Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, and Instructor to many celebrities.

However, it is Master Rhee’s charming personality and skill for teaching which has made him loved and respected by all.

Master Rhee is a member of the International Stunt Association (2012 President), a 2 time winner of the Taurus World Stunt Awards (“Best Fight Scene”, 2002; “Best Fire Work”, 2007), and numerous Screen Actor’s Guild awards and nominations, having been involved in the film and television industry for over 30 years as an actor, stunt person, fight choreographer, 2nd unit director and stunt coordinator.

He has an extensive body work including motion pictures (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Terminator Genysis, Straight Outta Compton, Captain America, The Great Wall, The Lone Ranger, Gangster Squad, Red Dawn, The Muppets, Get Smart, Rush Hour 3, Best of the Best, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Last Samurai, etc.), TV shows (Mistresses, Chuck, Face Off, Fear the Walking Dead, The Last Ship, Jessica Jones, Rush Hour, Heroes, Alias, Supergirl, Grimm, Bones, Sons of Anarchy, etc.), and commercials.

When he is not filming, he continues to enjoy teaching and training at his Woodland Hills TKD Training Center with his panel of Black Belts. Master Rhee has taught thousands of men, women and children the art of Tae Kwon Do for over 30 years.

Simon Rhee is a teacher’s teacher when it comes to Tae Kwon Do instruction and he has given many dynamic seminars to Martial Artists, Stunt people and, Black Belt Instructors worldwide.

Today’s 5MINUTE DRIVE goes all Crash, Boom, BAM!!

TERMINATOR GENISYS slams hard with a new 2.0 Trailer! #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #TerminatorGenisysTrailer #JaiCourtney


Great looking Trailer for the new TERMINATOR GENISYS. I got an inside scoop via Stuntman & friend SIMON RHEE whom I interviewed for 5MINUTE DRIVE. Check it out after the Trailer.


Today’s 5MD Episode is all #HollywoodStunts with @THESIMONRHEE & the Caddy ELR…


5MINUTE DRIVE New Episode! This time, it’s Hollywood Stuntman SIMON RHEE & The 2014 Cadillac ELR… @cadillac @thesimonrhee #Stunt #Stuntman


Today’s episode was really cool as MASTER SIMON RHEE is one of the most recognized Stuntmen as well as Actor in Hollywood and a very serious long-time Martial Artist. And you’ll actually get some inside scoops on the new TERMINATOR GENESYS film coming! Also featured is Cadillac’s awesome 2014 ELR. Swoosh… never heard me comin’, baby. WATCH!

CONFIRMED! Stuntman/Actor SIMON RHEE on next week’s 5MINUTE DRIVE… @thesimonrhee @autofilmfest #stuntman @shadbalch


Now we’re bookin!’ Next week, 5MINUTE DRIVE (Ep33) will feature my good friend, past instructor and major Hollywood Stunt Icon SIMON RHEE. Simon’s credits are quite extraordinary and include THE DARK KNIGHT, INCEPTION, CAPTAIN AMERICA and the upcoming TERMINATOR: GENESIS. Seems like when Hollywood wants to get serious, they call Master Rhee. (I may be in trouble…)

And what will we be driving? Only GMC’s all new badass SIERRA DENALI. Big Truck for Big Stunts. 😉 We’ll be painting it orange and jumping canyons.

Upcoming! I’m taking the CADILLAC ELR to the AUTOMOTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Monterey!


Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Podcast #9

Lots to get to in this episode gang! First, another big Hollywood update including news about The Dark Knight Rises, Taken 2, Planet of the Apes, Avatar and Man of Steel! Also, you might have missed us hawking our Facebook page as much as we have in the past. That’s because we broke 100 fans this week! Listen in to next week’s show when we announce the winner of the huge cache of prizes!

We finally were able to get Master Simon Rhee in the garage for an interview. What an interesting guy and he gives us the low down on being the Fight Coordinator for The Muppets and a movie called Group Sex. You really have to listen because you will also get another King Tahoe update and Tim did something really cool this week up at Willow Springs Raceway for the upcoming FAST FIVE.

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Episode 9
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About 3 months ago I joined a new Martial Arts School headed by Master Simon Rhee. An extraordinary teacher. I was humbly placed as a mid-level blue belt along with my wife, Kathie, so we could start fresh. We both have gotten our black belts in other styles, but wanted to try something new and exciting. And this was it…

It’s important to shake things up every now and then. Actually, the more often the better. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing. So, tomorrow, Kathie and I are testing for out next rank. Blue/1 Stripe. There will be about a hundred people there including other students testing. Very exciting.

Remember the song “Shake It Up,” by The Cars? They were’nt talking about salt and pepper. Get your ass out there and make things happen. Don’t be one of those that watches other people do stuff. Post here and tell me what you’ve done recently that made you uncomfortable and made you grow. Share it so that others can be inspired, including me.