Keep Calm and Smile On…


Nothing has more power for resolve than THE SMILE. I don’t care who you are, the smile will get you and RUIN your day. You can run. You can hide. But like Medusa, if you see the smile… you’re done.

Oh, people think they are above it. They think they can survive it’s effects. And even if they don’t smile back… it will creep into your psyche and wiggle it’s way around your funny bone until it has its way with you. And then… look out! It will bring joy and wackyness no matter how hard you try to hold onto your grumpiness.

Oh, sure… being a grump has its perks. People stay away. Your nostrils stay flared all day and that’s unique. You get to receive all kinds of interesting things like criticism, finger pointers, complainers and whiners. PLUS, you get to have a really cool sourpuss face ALL DAY! WUPEE!!!! (Disclaimer: Results may vary.)

But… if that darn smile gets in… you’ll be in the fight for your life!!. So DON’T LET IT!! KEEP UP THE FIGHT for your right to be a Mr. PooPoo Head! Give people what you know they want! Shame! Lame Comments! Unfounded and illogical outlooks on life! Bad hair!!! You have a right, you know. To be free of good things.

So. What’s my point? How is this relevant to ANYTHING you’ve been dealing with today? Well,… if you stare long and hard at this image, my point will be revealed to you. And until then, Keep Calm and Smile On… ’cause you don’t have a chance.