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When cars come into THE FIREBALL PAD here in Malibu, I do my best to experience fully what a new owner would do, inspired by having a great new car. This past week, it was the 2015 KIA CADENZA. So, I grabbed the Bride and Fireball Pop and we headed north in this Luxocroozer to see what it could do. At $43K, you’d expect a certain amount of luxury and we got just that.

Quiet, comfy, great interior peace in a simply stated design. But since you know me, you’d know the first thing I’d do is black out the windows, slap on some black rims and drop the car an inch. On this dark silver, add a blood red rear deck tat also. But alas, I didn’t… seeing as we were skirting to SOLVANG for a day of fun.

First up, we hit downtown and THE VIKING ROOM @ The Solvang Brewing Company for a few veggie burgs. Since it was a bar and the music was blasting at 11:30am, we opted to sit outside and had the whole place to ourselves. Took a walk afterwards to get some Chocolate… and we found lots. Swiss, Finnish, Danish.

Afterwards, the KIA rocked out of town and hit an awesome Pumpkin Patch on the side of the road. I wanted a huge one, but the Bride insisted that KIA make a Pickup Truck so we can make that happen next year. So, we got a wee punkin.

Like lightning, the Cadenza swooshed us away from the Patch and we headed towards FIRESTONE VINEYARD about 6 miles away. Up through the San Ynez curves, the Kia was smooth and easy. How do I know this? Fireball Pop had a smile on his face in the back. Easy peasy.

Our final Hat Trick stop was the Vineyard where we basically perused and looked for giftees. Beautiful setting and one of our favorite wines. No, I didn’t have any.

I love what we call HAT TRICK TRIPS. Hitting three unique places in one day. And in a car like the 2015 KIA CADENZA, it was easy and chill. Build yours online here and then rock the chocolate…


DSC01037 DSC01038 DSC01039


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A Day in SOLVANG led by Swedish faire… #solvang @solvang @volvocarsus


Along with filming this week’s 5MINUTE DRIVE, we also managed to wrangle a drive up to Solvang in the super cool XC60 Volvo. Being a blast to drive, we got there in no time and had a day fun including (but not limited to…) pastries, chocolate and finally landing by accident, at the Firestone Vineyard. (We were headed to Zaca Mesa and made too many lefts.) What an awesome place! Also stopped at a really neato Pumpkin Patch. (Kathie has plans.)

Cars are for bringing experiences and Volvo knows this, but you have to just get in and drive. Stop worrying about where you’re gonna go and just GO! GET LOST! Life is about discovery!

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