The World’s Best TRAINER… Seriously


“You don’t know the powa of the DARK SIDE..!” Darth Vadar

“Yippee Kay Ya MFA…” John McClane

“Get to the Choppa!!!” Ahnuld

“Shaken, not Stirred…” Jimbo Bond

All are words that describe trainer and friend Jason Epps. (Seriously, I’ve talked with all these guys and they’re like… “Feel tha POWAAAAA, dang it!!!!”

Ok, whatever, I didn’t actually talk to all of them… just Darth. But if you’re on the fence as to whether you want to get in shape for the new year, then have a convo with Jason about health, prosperity and all things good. His outlook on your body will blow your mind. And what’s more, tell him I sent you and he’ll hit you with the Fireball Discount. 12 reps instead of 15. And believe me, those will be far more valuable at the moment than any monetary discount you could even get! Doosh… (Limited, One Discount Per Customer. Code CDV&D$SF-OhCrap)

Seriously, it takes a healthy mind to design a healthy body. You can’t try to push away treats and such. You have to put all your attention on health. And Jason is the man to help. Give him a jingle and watch as he transforms you in SUPERYOU! SHWINGA DING WANA WANA BING BANG! ….. pow.