Superbowl TRAILERS… Spider-Man, Captain America & Transformers


From the set… SPIDEY, OZ & DJANGO

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' flim set

Yes, my spies are always on cue. I elicit squirrels, womprats, prairie dogs, muskrats and the famous Flying Burrito Brothers to take these shots. Yes, all with Sony Cameras, duh.

This set, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN gets cold, Moonlit set of DJANGO, Spidey-Stunt (above) and some VIFX puppetry from OZ. If you look close, you can see me hiding just behind that log. Shhh…

ASM2_FireballTim Django_Fireball-Tim  Oz1_Fireball-Tim Oz2_Fireball-Tim

SPIDER-MAN Costume Concepts are awesome!

These are what Spider-Man might have looked like for the film. Could have worked with a lime green cod-piece, too. Just sayin.’